1. V

    RCR 917 drivetrain possibilities

    Hi all, New to the forum since I just put the deposit down for a RCR 917. Plan is for me to supply Fran with drivetrain and he will put it in for me to make it a turn key. The question now is what are the drivetrain that would fit in a 917. Been talking to Fran and he suggests using either 3.2...
  2. N

    What's engine does this GT40 have ?

    I just saw a video of a gt40, mk1 I guess, and i just love the sound of it, and I want to know what engine does it have ? Here is the video on YouTube : https://youtube.com/shorts/Z4iViQX3Ru4?feature=share4
  3. Shaun Sizen

    331 v 347 Thoughts

    Hi, I expect its been run over a few times, pardon the pun, but what are teams views and thoughts on a 331 v 347. Just about to start the build of SGT chassis 54 so am looking into engine options, going to be a beefed up UN1 gearbox, Mick @ SGT mentioned a while back a 331 is a nice engine to...
  4. G

    Post IVA licensing

    Having passed IVA I now require to apply for a Log book. Who can tell me what tax bracket my car is in? The engine was manufactured in 1990 25th November 1990. Any guidance appreciated as I cant find any relevant information. Many thanks
  5. D

    Hello from Orange County, CA

    Hello all, New guy here. So when I told my boss that I was retiring back in 2013, he didn’t believe me. So I sold my BMW M6 and bought a motorhome. He believed me then, lol. So I’ve been driving an Airstream Interstate as a daily driver for 5 years now and, I must say, I miss having a fun, fast...
  6. F

    Getrag transaxle, clutch, flywheel

    Sold sold
  7. soulcoaxer

    Sea Plane With A Difference . . .

    V8 500 H.P. Car Engine Powered. http://www.gt40zone.com/sea_plane.mp4 RE: GT40 Mrk 1 Gulf GT40 p2285|Media|Videos|Photos|Artwork
  8. Joystick


    For your information. Many of you on this forum might already know this but I didn`t. If you change your ECU to an aftermarket or buy an engine and ECU that doesn`t "belong" together there is a chance that they are not synchronized together. The same goes for if you for some reason change the...
  9. F

    dyno power loss

    I know in my cobra from engine to rear tires there is about 15% power loss on dyno. Is it less in s gt40 because the trans is connected directly to tires? What is the average power loss from engine to tires? I have a CAV and going with one of the big boy $15k transaxles.
  10. Alan L

    Alan's RCR40

    In January I took delivery from RCR of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40. I had every intention of posting sooner, but the build, work, and life got in the way. Car is a Mk1, right hand drive with 2” flares. Engine is a carbureted, aluminum block, Keith Craft 342 (302 based) that will be mated to a...
  11. Alan L

    Re-introduction: Alan's RCR 40

    Hello. I am late in posting, as I took delivery of my “Turn Key Minus” RCR40 from RCR in January. I am in the process of completing the engine install to include plumbing oil & coolant systems, alternator, compressor, clutch, etc. Although I am not assembling the kit, for me, getting this...
  12. M

    Wiring fans to both come on for AC or Engine

    Tried searching the forum with no luck :( I'm wiring both fans to come on for AC and/or engine temp. I was just going to do this by running both powercell fan outputs to a single relay that in turn powers both fans. Is this a logical approach? Any better (more simple) options? Do I need to...
  13. S

    engine compartment thermoswitch

    Anybody knows where the engine compartment thermoswitch is mounted - the one that the brown/black wire goes to? Is in the intake manifold or in the block, thanks -Steve
  14. S

    wiring question

    On the rear harness there is a brown wire with black stripe that is for engine temperature to run the fans (I have the wiring diagram from Blas, just not with me right now) is this sensing temperature from an engine block temp probe or a coolant temperature sensor located in the intake manifold...
  15. M

    Rear cable routing

    So similar to the seat question, looking for thought on cable routing in the same area. For the wires going from dash to rear, I have two one inch bundles to get through to the rear. I did cut the front of the seat on the inside, so they fit by there along the spine. Then it seems best to run...
  16. C

    New Chassis, just don't know which one

    So, I'm planning on ordering a chassis this summer but I'm still undecided as to which one. The shortlist is Tornado, Southern GT or GT Forte. I think I've decided that my power will come from a Ford Mustang 4.6 V8 DOHC Engine And Audi 01E gearbox, I have seen a complete package for sale from...
  17. S

    WEBER 48 IDA'S Help needed

    Hi All I have a 351w engine bored and stroked to 390 cu in with ported Allen Root heads (1.95 inlet/1.65 exhaust). Camshaft is a 290 deg Competition Cam, pistons TRW Forged with a 11.5 to 1 compression ratio. It is currently running 480hp on a 4 barrel Holley. I am planning a Weber 48 IDA...
  18. 7

    Share your engine combination............

    Maybe this could become a sticky. I've been surfing the internet and mainly magazine articles on various engine builds from a 289/302 up to a 427 windsor stroker and even a few 427FE builds. I was just wondering if people would share their engine builds along with their HP/TQ dyno results...
  19. S

    Research phase of SL-C build- New user

    Hello everyone! I joined a month ago and was looking for some insight. I am researching a strange and custom build for track use only. I have a few ideas in mind, and wanted to see If I can cancel some of them out with some of the vast experience here on the forum. I will start out with I am...
  20. 7

    351 Windsor ID ??

    Hi, well I scooped up a 351 Windsor that happened to be right down the road. It's a 2-barrel intake engine. I don't have a car to put it in yet, but hey that's a minor detail :rolleyes:. Anyway, I got it home and managed to clean all the sludge off of the engine to get the block ID. The guy...