M6B Tragic

Hi Leon, The Starter is a Tilton 54-40005 Super Starter- Severe duty LGC Chevrolet, 104T. I did grind a small notch out of the return lip of the sump, aprox 25mm long and 3mm deep, 0nly to share not having to take more out of the mounting block, very minor. Hope this helps, by the way, if you are using a BB chev ( earlier Gen 4 type ) I have an brand new Aviad Dry sump and oil filter adapter I couldn't use because the 572 is a Gen 6. I'm not that familiar with Chevs and ordered the wrong one, and it was going to cost more to return it than it's worth.
Regards, Udo.
That all looks good to me, there is a lot to think about at this stage. What Front and rear uprights are you using?
I have barely finished my car and I am looking forward to building another chassis as I really enjoy the chassis construction part, not keen on doing another body. Have you already got your bodywork?
Very nice progress Udo !!!

keep on your so good work
Still watching at your project and enjoying when watching more progress!!
Hi Russell,
The uprights are from Vintage Engineering who make Original replacement parts, they are M6GT thru to M8C style, the rears are magnesium but I cheapened out and got aluminium ones for the front. ( need all the weight on the front I can get :) )
Yes, I have the bodywork, it's from Toluca Lake Classic Motor Sports. After building a couple of GT40s and playing around with Bolwell Nagari's I've had enough of fibre glass work and am happy to do as little as possible.
This is my first attempt at a chassis from scratch, I am enjoying it, but you're right, there is a lot to think about.

Thanks Michel.

Regards, Udo.
Hello Udo

I notice you write you had an Toluca bodywork ; i just wanted some info about them ( are they seriuos people to work with , say reliable and not too pricy ?)
Seems they hav mold of an maclaren M6 a coupé am interested !!!
Is yes who is the person to contact ?
many thanks and go on into your superb project !!:blank:
Hi Udo

The car is really coming along well, looks fantastic !! Looking forward to seeing any more progress photos.

Mic, I will send you a PM, I may be able to help with M6GT bodywork.



Udo's doing a brilliant job and I always look forward to the progress visits.
I must say that engine scares me a bit though.....

Hi Udo,

Looks awesome! That thing is going to be berserk to drive - in a good way!

Cheers, Andrew
Yep, I keep telling him he'll need a throttle stop or spare pair of undies for the shake down run :shocked: :D

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement guys.
Mic, Tolucal Lake Classics are in California, and the guy to talk to is Eric, He's very professional and helpful. I can send you his contact details.
Personally it sounds as though Rick would be a better source, seeing he is just on the other side of the pond. I probably would have used him myself if I knew he had M6 moulds.
Hi Guys, just a bit more progress, I've added more bracing to the front end and incorporated heel support for the pedals at the same time. I've fitted the race harness points and added some for a passenger, for those fun days at the track. Now I'm playing around with mocking up my seating, steering and gearshift locations. Can't do any more on the front end until I get my steering rack which is taking forever, so I'll move to the rear and start the bracket that holds up the Body, exhaust and oil coolers.


Hey Udo, it's looking great! Is that an Albins-supplied gear lever there, or have you had it machined up?
Hi Troy, Yes it is. I didn't really want to use it at first, but the transaxle has a cable operated reverse lock out, and it was the easiest option as they have that trigger on the gear stick.
Hi Rohan, Good to hear from you, must give you a call soon.

Thanks for the compliments Mic and Mark, and No Mic, the transaxle did not protrude that far out on the real deal, but I am not trying to build an exact replica, just a nice looking M6B replica with a few modern touches. ( and goes fast enough to scare me. ):thumbsup: