M6B Tragic

Hi, My name is Udo, I'm in Darwin NT and I'm also building a McLaren Replica, an M6B. I haven't posted for along time, I did have a GT40 replica, but now I'm starting this new project.
I've been following Russell Keach's and Leonmac's progress with much admiration. Leon's doing a fantastic job and so is Russell who's had practice at it.
So far I've spent the last 6 months just gathering parts and mocking up a timber chassis, I'll post some pictures soon.
My question to anybody out there is, does anyone know the roll centre of an M6B, so I can start on suspension design. I am using M6GT thru M12 uprights front and rear with M8 wheels, so it might need some massaging of the chassis design.
I would also love to know some other dimensions around the front bulkhead, but as far as I know there are no M6's in Australia, otherwise I would jump on a plane with tape measure in hand. Are there any in New Zealand ?
I know this will be a challenge, especially as my location in Darwin is fairly isolated, but that's where the internet comes in.
I would love to hear from anyone who has any information and advise, nad I'll keep this Thread going.
Regards, Udo.
Hi Andrew, Thanks for that, I forgot about them. I contacted them last year looking for bodywork which they didn't do, but they put me onto someone else. I'll contact them and see how obliging they are with info.
By the way I love your car, hope mine gets half way as good as that.
Here are a couple of pictures, I hope this works, I'm new at this.
Regards, Udo.


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Think you need bigger rear wheels and the engine looks a tad on the small side...... :poke:

Clayton :jester:

Terry Oxandale

Skinny Man
Udo, I'm glad to see another "orange" car in the making. It all looks very exciting, so please keep the photos coming! Looking at the transaxle, it looks to be very long behind the half-shafts. Perhaps a silly question, but does it actually fit within the rear bodywork?
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Hi Udo, the most impressive start to a project I've seen for a while with the line up of parts you have there. What make is the transaxle ? and looking at the wheels I'm guessing Vintage engineering or PSE although I had contact with PSE and they were no longer doing the M8 wheels (Real shame) Really looking forward to following another McLaren build, keep us informed and please, lots of photo's.

Cheers Leon.
Thanks for the encouraging comments guys, it's great to find other people out there with the same interests.
Clayton, regarding the need for larger wheels a very smart man once told me that it's better to have longer arms/improved camber curve instead of wider wheels. He was about your height.
You have a good eye Terry, the transaxle doesn't fit within the bodywork, I've had to cut the bottom cross section out, I'm not too worried about it because it's still within the shadow of the rear end.
Yes Leon, they are Vintage wheels. I'm using 10.5"on the front and 15"on the rear, I'm also using their uprights, rotors, Lockheed calipers and rack and pinion.
It's funny you should make that Morgan/McLaren comment Mesa, because my Wife also asked if the timber chassis will be strong enough for that big engine. Only difference is she had a straight face, and wasn't joking.
The transaxle is an Albins ST6M. It's a 6 speed sequential box, straight cut gears, dog box, drop gears and LSD, It even has a built in oil pump and filter. The only problem I have is the starter motor location is backwards on the bellhousing and right in the way of the "A" arm/lateral links to chassis point. Another stumbling block to sort out.
See the starter mount in the picture? Thanks for listening guys, I"ll talk to you later.


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HI Udo,

Just trolling the threads and see you haven't posted in a while so just wondering if there has been any progress you can share with us. Now that Terry has all but finished his car we need someone to fill his spot and your car will fit the bill perfectly.

Cheers Leon
[Hi Leon, things have stalled a bit, I have just this week returned from our holiday of a life time. We did a 7 week European holiday, so that's my first excuse.
I've had a few other hold ups, I had to return the front hubs to Vintage Engineering because the axles wouldn't fit, and I am waiting for new ones, plus I am still waiting for the steering rack.
I had to return the transaxle to get new drive flanges made because they use a huge CV which they say is a 934 CV, but it's actually much bigger and not compatible. Also the bell housing with reverse starter motor location wasn't going to work with the suspension design, and was too low for ground clearance. So, new bellhousing CAD designed and machined, new Tilton 10.4" flywheel, new Tilton LGC starer motor in correct location.
I should be getting a few things back soon, and I will get started on the chassis in earnest.
Here is a couple of pics of how it sits now.



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Hey Udo,

Great to hear from you, really suprised to hear the issue with the Vintage Eng hubs etc I would have thought those high end parts would go to gether like salt n pepper, I'm sure they will be onto it, they have a rep to up hold.

How do you get on with the starter so far in, obviously there is some major sump mods, Care to share some photos, I have the same size clutch and flywheel and have been thinking how to mount the starter as I have the same issue with my transaxle.
You will have a 4.5" crank in that 572 chevy, I'm 4.250 with mine and alloy rods so will have the same issues I would think.

Looking forward to more updates and Photos, this is going to be a cool build to watch.:thumbsup::thumbsup:

Cheers Leon.
Hi Andrew, Thanks for that, I forgot about them. I contacted them last year looking for bodywork which they didn't do, but they put me onto someone else. I'll contact them and see how obliging they are with info.
By the way I love your car, hope mine gets half way as good as that.
Here are a couple of pictures, I hope this works, I'm new at this.
Regards, Udo.

Udo, that wooden axle shaft looks a little light for the application. I suppose you could try English oak or some other hard wood but I'd probably go with metal.

Kidding aside, looks like a fantastic project. Don't be discouraged by remote-ness.....I've seen you aussis and kiwi built amazing things out in a tin shed behind the house..... Persistence and creativity will get you everywhere. Keep posting!
Hey Udo
I took quite a few photos of the M6B at Goodwood, but the guys in the pits raised an eyebrow when I pulled out a tape measure and a few spanners... :laugh: Jokes aside, they where very assessable to the public.

So I should see a stack of blue tubing when we get home from our trip :thumbsup:

Hi Guys

Glad to hear you are still pressing on with your project Udo, look forward to seeing it take shape !

That was our M6B at Goodwood Clayton, we had that in the Bruce McLaren demo and an M1B and the two Chinooks in the Whitsun Trophy race, it was a great (but busy!)weekend. We were lucky enough to have Wally Willmott helping us for the weekend again and so it only seemed right that we let him drive the M6B in the demo :thumbsup:

Nice one Richard
If you saw a guy taking a million photos and pushing the camera into every knock and cranny, it wasn't me.....:laugh:
I did have a nice shiny tape measure to use, but none of the clips came off each time I dropped by, LOL.
Thanks for sharing, it was a great weekend.

Hey Clayton,
I didn't think you had time to be checking out the GT40 forums, sounds like you're having a great time, can't wait to catch up and hear all the stories and see all the pics. Especially Autotune's M6B. Yes, there are some bits of blue steel being welded up.
It's good to hear from you too Rick, must stay in touch. Thanks for the encouragement Cliff.
Leon, the starter I'm using is a Tilton LGC Super starter, it comes with a mounting block that off sets it right up close. I had to take a small notch out of the mounting block to clear the sump lip, very minor. I am using a Aviad Dry sump. I'll look up the Part number for the starter tonight.


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Thanks for that Udo, I was trying to work out what the black thing on the pinion could be but in the second photo I see it's just something you appear to be using to check the meshing of the starter pinion, right? So you don't have to notch the sump at all??

Cheers Leon