1. C

    Mid-Engine Super Car On A Buget

    Thank you for showing interest. I have a tube frame chassis I have built, but I'm trying to figure out how to fit a Toyota 2UR-GSE to a Porsche Cayman 6 speed manual transmission. I know I will need a custom bell housing, clutch, ect. If you know where I might can find a business that can make...
  2. E

    hydraulic clutch release with southern gt quaife setup

    hi everyone just after some advice i would ideally like to run a Hydraulic Release Bearing with my quaife gearbox im running the southern gt bell-housing with the ap racing single plate clutch i have found kit for the zf gearbox from compitition supplies (...
  3. 3

    Clutch Fluid type

    Hey gents, Is there a way to tell what fluid was ran in the clutch master cylinder? or could I just run a full load through to get most of it out? Any recommendations on which one to use? Will the DOT4 fluid be fine? I’ve had my 2nd slave go bad now. This one only lasted 5 years with very...
  4. J

    GT40 ZF-transaxle

    Wanted for GT40 mk1 289" -65 race car: ZF 5DS25-2 and other drivetrain parts. Contact with full technical details: - jyrki . sulka ( a t ) gmail . com - PM - + 358 4oo 633 5oo Can collect from UK mainland and Europe
  5. M

    Clutch Stinkage

    I have been putting a few miles on my car. Stalling problem better after adding a Dakota GPS that talks to the ECM. Still not perfected though. A bigger issue is clutch stinkage. When in first gear or in reverse, it just has that smell. Clutch works fine and gears engage well. How do I...
  6. F

    Getrag transaxle, clutch, flywheel

    Sold sold
  7. P

    FS: Graziano/Coyote clutch package

    I have a brand new clutch/flywheel package that I would like to sell. It was sourced from RCR and includes the Audi clutch and RCR steel flywheel. Ring gear is not included . $2,000. Thanks for looking, Ron [email protected] 410-596-3170
  8. J


    i'm pretty sure my SPF P2116 needs a new clutch. talked to previous owner and nothing from him. so, i'm asking , is there a standard clutch used in '40s? is there a smaller diameter flywheel used, therefore a smaller dia. clutch for ground clearance? i know how things work on a '32 Ford roadster...
  9. J

    Three Lolas Road Atlanta

    My 16 yr old learning to shift without the clutch. Lola 332 POV Group 7 Road Atlanta for The Mitty 2018 - YouTube
  10. P

    Graz clutch replacemnt

    I am starting a new thread about my clutch replacement. I started a new thread rather than muck up Johns group buy thread. I replaced the stock clutch that came with the Graz transaxle from RCR. I pretty much only drive my car on the track (about 97% of my 4000 miles on the car are track...
  11. JBurer

    Kevlar and Ceramic clutch packages (group buy)

    While researching components for my SLC build I found clutch options for the Graziano transaxle to be too expensive, too limited and too bi-polar. Because the transmission was OEM fitment for the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo, existing options were priced with those marques in mind and...
  12. N

    Master Cylinder Sizes

    I know there is a lot of conversation on this site about this. Much of it is over my head. I saw that someone put together a MC calculator and it made my hair hurt. I have 13” Corvette front brakes and 11” rears with a hydraulic clutch. Is there an average size that would be best? From what...
  13. S

    AN3 or AN4 tubing from master cylinder to clutch

    I have read that its preferable to use AN4 size rigid tubing (with 1/4" ID)to the external slave clutch cylinder from the clutch MC on a ZF tansmission as it allows a better flow back and forth of fluid. But since I have a wilwood MC that has an output of 3/8" -24 which would appropriate for a...
  14. D

    Master Cylinder Sizes

    Ken made a comment on another thread that got me to thinking and researching. As near as I can determine (and I might be wrong, so please someone tell me if I'm wrong): There are three master cylinders included with the SLC kit: two with 3/4" bore (stamped ".75" on the side) and one with...
  15. M

    Adding the Clutch Pressure Switch to the Wiring

    I am wondering how do you add the clutch pressure switch to the Infinity Wiring? I saw no mention of it in the information sent with the Infinity kit.
  16. K


    needing tork specs graziano ls 3 flywheel clutch and throw out bearing
  17. F

    UN1 gearbox

    Whenever the gearbox gets hot the gear change deteriorates to the point where getting it into gear becomes difficult, it's okay when cold, it's been like this since installation, it's got the quaif gear set and I've changed oil from semi through fully synthetic and mineral oil and it's made no...
  18. PeteB

    A/C issues

    When the car is cold, the A/C is working correctly with low side pressure around 40 psi and vent air is 45 degrees with 85 degrees ambient air. However, after the car has been running for a while, the low side pressure is going to high (~60 psi), causing the trinary switch to disconnect the...
  19. D

    Porsche 930 Trans Stuff

    Hello Gents, as it has been a few years since selling off the race car I have not been on here much. However I have been cleaning around the shop and stumbled upon some things that maybe someone here can use. Here's the catch......I don't want anything for this stuff as I have gotten much...
  20. N

    Pull clutch on windsor motorl

    I have a Porsche G50 52 trans axle up to a Windsor 347 small block I'm using a pull clutch after start up and approx 50 clutch cycles the main bearing wore severely . I have been told the clutch pressure is to much ? is anyone using the same combo? Any help would be appreciated