Fran Hall RCR

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Here are a few pics of one of two MkIV's we are putting together.
This one is going to get an ALL aluminum BBF......nice red gelcoat too.The next one is yellow and LHD.


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Dave Wood

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Very nice Fran.. that is actually my favorite incarnation. I was wondering the other day about the difference in cockpit room over a MKI/II ? The doors have a more noticeable lip and I didn't start wondering until I rode in a MKII a few weeks ago. With the angle that the early car doors incline into the roof and the more vertical windows on the MKIV it may be that there is no change in interior room...but it looks like it would be a noticeable decrease.

Fran Hall RCR

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The door inners come down and nest on top of the sponsons at an outward angle but do not invade the cabin space badly at all.The square roof profile is similar to the Mk1 and Mk2...

Fran Hall RCR

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The LHD car will have two matching doors like the Mk1 and Mk2 as the originals are all RHD and the passenger door is a small access door not for easy ingress or egress
Are there any plans to make the original style turbine wheels for the MkIV to complete the authentic look ??
Nice to see one of those beauties taking shape. It was 2 years ago when I was standing in the pavilion at Carlisle when the door of your Ryder truck went up and I almost had a heart attack. I saw that MK lV body and I knew right there that I was in the wrong business.


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Crap.....!! I'm gonna need a bigger garage to house all these cars Fran. Add another to the wish list........;)

Fran Hall RCR

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Once we have the oil pan we can install the all aluminum 427 engine with a pair of carbs in the engine bay ..

I will send more pics then......

Gotta keep you hungry.....

Randy V

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Need to finish my MkI, sell it, and then build a MkIV (my dream car)

Bill - How many "Dream" cars do you have? :)

In my mind - The GT40-Mk1 has always been the golden standard by which all other supercars are measured. The Lola T70-Mk3B comes in a close second.
I love the MKIV's also, but still look at them with the "MK1" glasses on..

This piece that RCR has produced is absolutely (I wish I could speak Italian right now) beautiful..


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Arnie I can. The first production run was such a success that we sold out of the pine in one day. All have been delivered to their new owners. Have started on the maple set. Will notify when they are ready for purchase.