Motor won't start

Randy V

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:thumbsup: Cool Video! :thumbsup:

It certainly doesn't like hitting the rev limiter does it??? :stunned:

What numbers did you make??
The distributor modual takes the crank timing off the cam. I don't know what a dual sync is other than maybe two pick ups like the older dual points distributors. Noise will degrade the signal. A cold solder joint in the modual or bad solder will case it to drift once the engine starts to heat up or not work at all. Your Motoc is a good unit, run the diagnostics on it. I doubt it's the ECM. Even distributor gear wear will cause drift or shaft bearing slop. I know the Motec has logging so check the log and see if the setpoints are constantly changing or resetting. That may give some idea where to look.
Thanks Dave for your response.