My SLC....with street tail

Those are the best SLC pics to-date!

My friend just painted his '70 Challenger the same color. It looks great under the right lighting.

Fran Hall RCR

This car was never in race was a track/street car and weighed in at 2375 lbs...
The SL-C race car will be similar in weight approx 2300lbs...lots of roll cage in the racer...

Ryan Ellis is in town this weekend for a seat fitting in the racer.

On the Discovery channel tonight at 7pm there is a show on the VW TDi Cup and Ryan won the first two rounds last year and he will be one of the featured drivers......

Tune in and see the RCR driver in action in the VW TDi cup and also on Speed during the Grand Am Continental Challenge for APR racing in ST class........
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Randy V

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Setting up the DVR right now Fran!

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6 PM CT on DSCHD "Rookies to Racers"
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Definitely looks better in orange with the street tail. Can we get some specifics on the car ie, A/C, displacement, etc. How about a couple shots of the interior please.

BTW, wanna trade for a LS7 powered RX7 :laugh:
I'm curious to see how the SLC would look with a tall deck and mozez heads sticking out the rear window
Looks awesome Fran! And LOVE the color! :thumbsup: My current car is Hugger Orange and I am planning to build my SLC in Orange when the time comes where I can make that deposit on one. But until then, I shall live through the pics of the Orange car that will plaster my wall at work. ;) Oh and keep em coming! Let me know if there are any shows local to MI here where you will have the car. I may just swing by the shop sometime too as I work in Warren, not too far. I'll trade ya a ride in my Twin Turbo Camaro for a ride in the SLC! :)
Fran, which wheels are those? They look similar to the BBS FI wheels which would be my wheel of choice (if I could afford them).


Ken Roberts

Those are the "spyder" wheels stock on the 2009 and up Z06 Corvettes. The color is called "comp grey" unless Fran had them repainted differently.
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