National ICV & LVM Association


Instead of sitting back and saying "someone should make a peak national body for ICVs to sort this mess" I've decided that I will start this association off as an incorporated association in NSW, with an aim to have representation in all states and territories and to be the peak national body for ICV (individually constructed vehicles) and LVM (low volume manufacturers).

This idea started on since I have a couple of 7's, but I've also got a couple of GT40s and deal with a lot of guys with cobras. Might as well start somewhere!

Getting the association registered is easy (and it'll be a car club with an aim for historic registration etc eventually) but I need help. People have volunteered in the other thread.

Let's get all the info we can think of here, all of the clubs we'd need to contact, all of the other associations we need to involve.

The idea being to 'be like the hot rodders' and get some national recognition as per the street rod manual.

First up: Who's in?

Note this topic is for Australian car builders.
This includes those that build GT40s, Cobras, Daytonas, Sevens/clubmans and more than a few others.

I have been following the discussion on Ozclubbies and have offered to help out. A new legally binding organisation is in the throes of being formed.

It would be good if Australian GT40 owners and builders could let Treeve and Myself know what you want out of your vehicle registration?

Things need to change, we need a national body to affect change at a federal level to insure ADRs changes don't erode our abilities to build and use our cars. This could also then impact state registrations.

Regards Ryan
Treeve, can the title of the thread be changed to indicate that it is an Australian issue/topic.

i feel that it may be getting missed.
The link does not take you to an article it just takes you to the site.
A look at the thread would be good to get a feel for the issues driving this.

The issue with the system is it is designed for new vehicles.
Specs required by the ADR dont always suit a 1965 car.

Example the headlamp height rule, a GT40 will not pass unless it is raised.
I was asked to fit a number plate bracket on the front, I was going to fit the plate to the grill, but know you need a bracket.

The main issue is not the rules it is the people you deal with. the narrow minded cant see past the rule book and use common sense.
I found the inconsistencies between one inspector and the other was shocking.
A new head took over the dept when I was doing mine, I expressed my view that it was unprofessional how the whole processes was conducted, if it was a business you would go broke.

The inspector I was dealing with told me that when stability control and air bags become compulsory that will fuck you guys right up.
Just a vindictive little prick.
It was ruled that ICV would be exempt as it would kill the industry.
That must of killed him.

I dont know if its any different these days but that is what I found.
I had no issue with the ADR rules but needs to be adjusted to suit a replica in some area,s.

I think a relaxing of the emissions would be neat,maybe back to the previous requirement.
Its getting to the point VW cant pass it.

I like driving on the road but I will probably never do another registered ICV again for all the above.

All my experiences are from 5 years ago.

If you are looking signatures or experiences I am good for that, If you are asking for me to hold a banner on the stairs at parliament I wont be doing that.
I am not looking for a desk full of paper work as I wont be going the ICV road again is what I am saying.

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G'day Jim,

Just as a quick note, times have changed a little. I'm a certifier on the new scheme and I mostly do ICVs. I'm well aware of the inspectors that you refer to, and I could probably name them!

I agree with how you have described them. The new certification scheme removed a lot of their powers thankfully. Also to touch on emissions: the standard has been relaxed to 1/1/97 and can't be brought to any newer than that because NSW doesn't have any test gear which can test more stringently.

I'm hoping to work it so it's smoother and less bureaucratic, but we will see!



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Having just gone through the process in Qld, yes there are a few really pointless rules that you must comply with but overall it is not too bad.
However my biggest issue with our stupid country is that once you pass in one state they are not necessarily recognized Australia wide. NSW being the biggest pain in the ass.How can a state not recognize a VIN number issued in another state when VIN numbers are Federal?
Have to agree with you on that Roger. It is quite possible that i could end up working/moving interstate at some stage. It would be annoying to have to redo the engineering process because of bureaucratic crap.

Also, how can anyone sell or engineer a product when there are so many different moving targets. Its not practical for a small business to do it as its to onerousness. If a consistent set of rules and process across all states could be had, then a boutique sports car industry might have a chance.

Can anyone think of any low volume manufacturers from the past? ones that may have had ADR approved vehicles at a national level?