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Hello all. I found this site via Google and think it's the perfect spot to ask this question. A close friends father passed away about 7 years ago. Recently he was going through some of his Dads stuff and saw an intake that he remembered his Dad telling him about. He asked me to sell it for him on eBay. I've been working on cars my whole life and assume that this factory intake is somewhat rare. I don't have a clue what it is worth though. I want my friend to get a fair price and would appreciate some advice on a minimum bid to start the ebay auction. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It has FoMoCo casted into the aluminum and it is part #C6AE9425-A. I thought his dad said it was a 289 Weber intake. My friend had it glass beaded to clean it up. Not sure if that hurts the value or not? It has no studs but is in excellent condition. If anyone would like, I can email some pics.

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Welcome to GT40s Greg.

As you probably found on google - there has been at least one other thread on this particular part number here on GT40s;

The part number does indicate that it is a 1966 part. Not sure of any or all of the cars that this particular intake would have been used on, but would most likely bet it saw duty on both the Cobra and GT40.

The dual coolant outlet at the front of the intake was definitely the style used on the Cobra..

Maybe some others will chime in here..

I doubt that the glass beading of the manifold as diminished it's value if it were done properly without ruining the casting numbers or other distinguishing features..


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Greetings all,

Here's a pic of the manifold in question:


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Did you come up with a price?
Please email Pm me what you want for the manifold.


Hello, sorry about the incredibly long delay in responding. I put the intake in the basement and it has been there for almost a year. We have no idea what to ask but I finally put it on ebay for him. If interested still the ebay auction number is 160416795781.