NeoForty @ Sweden


It's now time to start a build log for my GT40 car based on Tornado Sportscars.
It was ordered some time ago and finally it was ready for delivery.
Due to vacation etc I decided to rent a small truck and pick it up myself.
1st Day from Sweden to Calais (France) and approx 1400 km through Germany, Netherlands and Belgium
2nd Day from Calais through Eurotunnel to Tornado Sportscars in Kidderminster and back to Calais, approx 700 km
3rd Day from Calais to Sweden and again around 1400 km

It is very nice to now have the kit in the garage.

Andy were very nice and helpful - so it was a short stay in TSC/Kidderminster - I had to catch the train at Eurotunnel. Just made it due to traffic accidents.
Thanks @Andy Sheldon


The kit stayed rock-solid for the whole journey to Sweden :)

To it's new home:





Due to Swedish regulations - I am not allowed to buy everything from one supplier. I need to proof by invoices/receipts that I am constructing this by my self - so I cannot buy everything från TSC. So need to cherry-pick the items needed to avoid issues with authorities ;)

First thing I am looking into are the brakes.
So for TSC I want to save "the account" to more interesting parts ;)

At rear it should be pretty standard Ford Granada Mk3 since that is the hubs used.
For the front brake kit - a few more question-marks...

I need the bracket, radial or axial to fit the TSC alloy uprights.

Do you have any guidance/tips on where to get that - with complete brake kit (calipers, discs, pads, brackets,...etc)??
Handbrake on rear - mechanical or electrical.

Image on front uprights

Joel K

Congrats on starting your project. Those regulations certainly make building a component car more challenging. Subscribed and looking forward to following along.
Congrats on starting your project. Those regulations certainly make building a component car more challenging. Subscribed and looking forward to following along.
Thanks Joel,
Yeah, some regulations feels like bureaucratic stuff but others are really that we are building a safe car.
Re the front.

Step 1, check what wheel bearings fit that stub axle

Step 2, check what cars used that size wheel bearing, or a similar size.

I know that a few companies in Australia commonly fit upgraded stub axles with larger diameters. Some a complete replacement, some are a shrink fit over the existing stub axle.

The larger diameter allows for an increase in the stiffness of the stub axle and better bearing stability with the heat from track use.

This is particularly common in the “HZ/HQ” stock car series. There is probably a similar series elsewhere, HZ’s/HQ’s will be unique to Australia.

Anyway, they fit a bearing and a hub with a larger diameter.

I would guess that Tornado probably use something that is of a ford spec. (Granda? Maybe) it’s not un-common at least here, for other hubs to be fitted onto existing stub axles. Either changing the stub pattern/offset or hub dimensions to allow for bigger brakes.

Some of these places will even do brake upgrades as well as the hubs. They even have blank hubs and discs, so if you tell them what stud pattern you want they might be able to do the lot to match your rear.

Regards Ryan


Mortified GT
Well done:)
Just a thought on front aluminium uprights. Are you sure that the Swedish SFRO will accept the ally uprights? Perhaps the Granada Mk1 front steel uprights might be an option with ventilated Granada discs front & rear, Granada calipers front & rear with integrated handbrake. Or, Wilwood brakekit from RallyDesign or similar. Good luck with an awesome build:)
Back from vacation and to the build :)

@Morten A. Larsen - right now I don't know ;) but know others using alloy uprights and I have used it my previous Westfield (of course it's lighter).
As a front alternative it can be as you say - a Granada Mk2 (not Mk1 I think). I will check that up.

Mike Pass

Hi Joacim,

That is quite a road trip. I am assuming that the front hub spindles are for the Ford Granada Mk2 hubs. Have a look at the Hi Spec website. They do upgrade kits for the Granada Mk2 brakes. They also do alloy hubs, bearings etc.

Good luck with your build.
I have a few items to might find a new owner.
A pair of front alloy uprights and hubs as seen on pictures below. Manufactured by Tornado.
PM if of interest