1. S

    Tornado GT40 - The Car Has Been Sold

    Tornado GT40 - The Car Has Been Sold.
  2. J

    NeoForty @ Sweden

    Hi, It's now time to start a build log for my GT40 car based on Tornado Sportscars. It was ordered some time ago and finally it was ready for delivery. Due to vacation etc I decided to rent a small truck and pick it up myself. 1st Day from Sweden to Calais (France) and approx 1400 km through...
  3. R

    A Dutch hello!

    Hi guys! I love this blog. I'm a design director for an OEM, but I love classics too. Other than designing cars, I love to build one myself. I'm really into buying a Gt40, and actually have 2 competitors in my mind. An RCR, or a Tornado. What are the pros and cons of both? Which one would be...
  4. J

    Parts for a Tornado build

    I have just ordered a "starter package" from Tornado have started to investigate other parts needed for the build. Note: I know Tornado have all the parts needed and that I could buy everything from them - but in Sweden we are not allowed to assemble a kit-car - it has to be amateur built...
  5. F

    Tornado Wheels

    Hello, have somebody the BRM wheels 15x8 and 15x12 from Tornado on his car and can tell me, how is the offset from the wheels? Perhaps a pic. Thanks Frank
  6. C

    Hi from Leeds UK

    Hi, I'm from Leeds. I'm a huge Aston Martin fan (and own 3) but adore the beauty of the GT40 and really on a quest to build one. I recently visited Tornado and tried sitting in one of their space frame cars. Unfortunatly, being 6'4, I didn't fit. I am now looking for a Tornado monocoque...
  7. B

    Tornado GT40 in Texas

    I have just received my Super Pro Package from Tornado. Please see my "Introduce Yourself" thread entitled "Bob Woods in Texas" dated 30 December 2013 for details about my motivation and plans for my GT40. The package was shipped in a large crate holding the frame and body parts, and a large...
  8. B

    Bob Woods in Texas

    I am a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas at Arlington. I have been the faculty advisor for the Formula SAE racecar team since 1982 and have been involved in several aspects of racecar design including suspension design and handling. I will be building a GT40 using...
  9. S

    Tornado TS40 Build Belfast Northern Ireland

    Hi Guys Just taken on completing a part-built TS40, with Ford 302 and Renault UN1 013. Here are some pix to show you the starting point. Would be interested to have some tool recommendations, good pop riveter, torque wrench, rivnuts, what else should I get,.. etcetera.... BTW I have several...
  10. Andy Sheldon

    Tornado IVA test service

    Birmingham IVA test station has now closed and the Midlands IVA tests are now being carried out at the Kidderminster test station which is situated about one mile from our factory. We will now be working very closely with the inspectors at the test station to make the IVA as painless as...
  11. B

    Wilwood Engineering 1 piece Iron discs Modified Hub (2012)

    New unused Wilwood Engineering 1 piece Iron discs Modified Hub To fit a Tornado TS40 Kit car specification as follows Part No - 160 -3846 160 - 3847 Rotor HD Curved, 1.25 X 11.75, 8 X 7.00 BC L/H + R/H 48 Curved Vane Grooved Discs.with accessories. Items weigh 40kg in total...
  12. F

    Pics from my Tornado visit

    I've been in the UK for a few weeks, and Andy from Tornado kindly showed me his cars and factory, and took me for a spin around the ring road. Here are some pictures. Cheers, Steve
  13. Andy Sheldon

    Carbon Mono

    Development work on our Carbon Monocoque is now completed after almost 2 years. Attached are the first few available pictures. It is also available manufactured in Aluminium at a more reasonable price. More details to follow in the next few days. Andy
  14. Andy Sheldon

    Big Block Tornado

    Spotted on Monday at Stoneleigh was this Big Block Buick powered Tornado TSC GT40. 7.5 ltr Buick bored out to 7.6ltr. Lots of mods to the rear body section to help with cooling. Owner is Paul Smith from Bristol who is a member of the Bristol kit car club. Andy