Never Seen A 3 Rotor Before

While my car was being delivered Tuesday, I looked around the shop that will be helping me put my engine in the car and saw a 20B. I'd never seen one before so thought I'd post pics (also practicing the posting of pics).

Having been a former RX-7 owner I saw and heard plenty of the 20B's. The sound a 20B puts out is music.....something between a Ferrari and Lambo at "full chat" as the Brits like to say. Well worth a listen.
At first I thought you were kidding Cam. Sounded like someone was playing Call of Duty. Sounded more like a machine gun in the beginning.
Finally, pictures included (now just need to work on sizing). These guys order the 20B's in from Japan and have been putting them in their race cars, with good success.