New film: The 24 Hour War

WOW- looks like an awesome re-telling of the classic/timeless story...
I cant wait,,,
Premier at my house.. you're ALL welcome,...

Paul Brameld

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A truly must see - along with Steve McQueen's latest. Still not on European DVD yet - anyone know whet it will be available this side of the pond?


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First post in a while, previously on the forum as dfreeman95

The documentary was done by Adam Carolla, who is a stand up comedian and podcaster. He also does quite a bit of vintage racing. I have spoken him a number of times over the years at Laguna Seca and Sears Point.
He also has quite a collection of Paul Newman's former race cars as well as a few BRE Datsuns. His previous racing documentary is Winning, the Racing Life of Paul Newman. It is a very well done documentary. If you get a chance look it up. I know that for a while it was available for free on via Amazon Prime to view. Not sure if it still is. If not, it is worth the buy.
His latest documentary is this one. It is in pre-order now but will be released in a few weeks if I remember correctly. I ordered my copy last week. You can order it at this site:

Chassy Media - Documentaries |

FYI, I am not affiliated in any way with this project. Please let me know if I somehow violated a rule regarding the link.


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Finally watched the video after agreeing to make it a Christmas present from my kids.

Very well done with the only factual omission that I caught was the genesis of the Lola GT to become the GT40. The suggestion was that it was a wholly Ford designed car. Regardless of this, lots of great footage of LeMans. I would have also liked to have seen Mr. Spain being interviewed but on the plus side a lot of time interviewing William Ford as well as Piero Ferrari.

All in all a good addition to the library for those of us passionate about this era of racing.
I watched this film with my son in Boston MA over Christmas. Yes, I'd agree there was not much about the UK genesis of the project and Slough production. JWA wins in 1968/9 merited about 5 seconds but the interviews and production quality were excellent. In 1966 I had offers from Ford and GM on the table here in UK - it was the 1966 win and Ford sponsoring Coswoth to produce the F1 DFV that pointed me in Ford's direction.
Cheers Roger Allen