New Ford GT pictures


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Not a lot of rotating mass there. Sounds like a motorcycle. Too bad they did not have a properly uncorked GT40 for comparison.

Mike, The stats came out today.
Remember when I had the poster of the GT40 next to the 2005/2006 FORD GT.
How much bigger the 05/06 looked to you.
Well, the new car is 7 inches longer, 2 inches wider and an inch lower at 3,300 lbs.


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You are comparing the 05/06 to the 2017? Does that make the 2017 41" tall? Would be nice to see the new one parked next to a properly stanced GT40 for comparison.



someone told me that the new gt got a new name changed from Ford to Freyds, is that correct? I have not seen that here on the forum .