New GT40 Steel Signs- Garage/Cave Art!

Rick Muck- Mark IV

GT40s Sponsor
We now have available some very nice steel signs with GT40 related designs. These are made with HEAVY steel and a baked finish that is very durable. When I say heavy, I mean the 12" "FORD G.T." is 3#, the 19" version is 14#! The MK II cutouts come in two versions, 25"x12.75" at 4.6#. There is also a large size at 40"x 20" that weighs in at 14#. These are priced as follows: 12" "FORD G.T." is $44.95, the 19" is $74.95. The MK II cutouts are $74.95 for the 24", 225.95 for the 40". These are plus shipping via UPS or USPS. Order from AutoventureUSA,LLC either by PM, email: [email protected] or by phone 716.812.3938 Working on some MK I cutouts and other nice stuff.
FGT emblem.jpg
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