New kid in town...

Hello's always fun being among car geeks, particularly those who support the blue oval. I restored by first car at 14...a 57 Ford pulled from a field for $100...and have been infected since. Highlights include restoring 6S1733, a 66 GT350 with extensive race history and Kirkham Cobra 521 thereafter. In addition to four FE powered projects I located the 66 Mustang from my college days, it too needs a grou d up restoration.

I spent 15 years in the retail Porsche world and 5 at the Miller Motorsports Park, where the world's finest GT40 collection resided, the only to feature a Mk. I, II, III, IV and Gulf Wyer car in addition to the many Cobras, GT350's and miscellaneous other rare Ford's. I gave many tours inside the museum, and interviewed several driving legends I've admired since I was a kid.

Currently building a tunnel port 427 for one of the projects and I'll be selling the ultra rare dual plane, dual 4V intake I have for it. Would be a great addition to any Mk II or IV project, and could be swapped for a billet FE crankshaft.