New member from NRW , Germany.

Hi new member here.
I am a Brit now living in Germany, with a life long interest to build or own a GT40.
I work in automotive design, but started out as a body design engineer. As part of my apprenticeship back in the late 80s I was given a task to build a 2D full layout of the body frame. The original body panels were often reworked by hand to fit together, we had prints of the original drawings, my task was to identify the mistakes and produce new drawings. At the time I had access to the GT40 owners club at Worley, Ford, and was given a ride in an original. As a 18 year old lad this left a lasting impression, and a dream to build a replica.
Fast forward 40 years and living in Germany, the possibility to build a replica is almost impossible .
Interested to hear of any like minded individuals in NRW, or indeed selling a GT40 replica

Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Neil. I’m not positive, but I think there is 3 GT40 owners in Germany on here. Hopefully one will chime in soon. Enjoy the forum and check out the build logs.

Regards Brian

Ian Anderson

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Certainly there are GT40 replicas in Germany and most are rather nice builds.

At the Le Mans Classic back in 2010 I believe 8 made it down from Germany

Dieter Bowing is the president of the gt40 owners club Germany
as I understood from Spa 2019 gt 40 event , their are even in German build under licence Kva mk1 and mk3 during the mid eighties until somewhere 1992