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My name is Paul. I do not own a GT40 but after seeing a video about the cars and an episode on British TV about the GT40 I was curious about the construction, because in a few of the pictures it appeared that the sub-structure or chassis structure was predominantly monocoque.
I am at the Dalian University of Technology College of Automotive Engineering where I teach Mechanics. Since I am the only native English speaker among my colleagues I end up teaching English intensive courses related directly to automotive engineering. This summer I am teaching an Introduction to Western Car Culture.
I am also heading up a design project for a mid-engine open two-seat roadster. When I first looked at a square tube frame and used FE analysis I ended up stiffening the front tubes with sheet metal face sheets. That got me thinking that I might be able to replace the tube with enclosed boxes linked by three bulk heads. If possible I want to come up with a design that can be made using steel, aluminum, molded fiberglass or molded carbon fiber. Seeing that the GT40 and Jaguar XKE are basically box structures in the cockpit area leads me to believe that the project team can achieve the design goal using a box structure that will be easier to construct than a tube space frame, be stronger, and lighter.
If I can contribute I will post, otherwise I will probably just lurk in the background. Cheers

Randy V

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Hi Paul,

Welcome to GT40's .... Sounds like a pretty challenging occupation you have there!
Hi Randy,
It is challenging only because most students here know zilch about cars, otherwise it is a dream job. Imagine doing what you most enjoy and getting paid to do it and when I asked the Dean what he wanted me to do he told me to do what makes me happy. So I come up with projects to teach design and teaching methods used to design. The we build the design and test it.
I am also getting to polish my computer skills and learn new software programs so when I return to the US I can start my own business doing what I love.
I figured that if I have to work until I drop dead then I may as well do what I really love to do.:happy:
Welcome Paul, I like your thinking! Good Luck on your projects and teaching...sounds like it has a challenge or two.
Suggested reading (If you can find it) would be the old 1971 edition of Racing and Sports Car Chassis Design by Michael Costin and David Phipps (Bently Publishing).
A wonderful book and most will still apply.
I have never been to NE China, only in the SE, around Ningbo and Guangzhou. Have fun!