1. S

    Ethan’s GT40 mkII fully scratch build

    Hey all, I’m just about done “designing” my gt40 chassis (I only want to/have enough time to do this much). Any tips or flaws that you notice in my chassis design would be much appreciated. Some of the paper designs and measurements have changed since making the 3D model. Once all is confirmed...
  2. A

    A dream coming through? From Spain with love..

    Hi to all, My name is Fernando Cabello, I'm originally Spanish but live half in London, UK and half in Seville, southern Spain. I'm a programmer(software) at the present but have been in the games industry for quite a while doing 3D characters and programming as well. Been chasing all my life...
  3. J

    Lola T70 Mk 3B Chassis Blue Prints

    Hi Everyone, I am interested in making my own scratch built Lola T70 Mk3B replica with the steel / aluminum tub. I have been able to locate fibre glass body shell, however I have been unable to locate drawings / blue prints of the chassis. Does anyone know of a source that I can find online...
  4. weisserheilbronn

    What chassis is this

    Hello all, while investigating P1016 I stumbled over this: Does anybody know this car? The add does not specify the manufacturer....? Markus
  5. J

    Monocoque Chassis

    Hi, I am considering building a GT40 from a monocoque chassis of mild steel like the original cars. Any advice on best current suppliers? I hear Steve Hill at Mirage did very good ones a few years back? Thanks for helping
  6. J

    Monocoque Chassis

    Hello everyone from here in Chester. I went to my first GT40 Club meeting in the northwest of England last night. Thank you Pete Thompson for a great meeting with lots of advice and enthusiasm. I want to build a GT40 and I’m thinking about what chassis to start with; it appears that monocoque...
  7. Shaun Sizen

    What have I done....

    Hi all Well they say the first thing when you have an addiction is to admit it and so.... "I have an addiction to the GT40" Always have and always will so I decided to admit it and today placed a chassis order with Mick at Southern GT which will be the start of a great, probably...
  8. P

    Looking for a chevron b8 chassis

    Would like to build a chevron b8. Looking for chassis drawings ,rolling chassis,part built chassis.what have you?
  9. C

    New Chassis, just don't know which one

    So, I'm planning on ordering a chassis this summer but I'm still undecided as to which one. The shortlist is Tornado, Southern GT or GT Forte. I think I've decided that my power will come from a Ford Mustang 4.6 V8 DOHC Engine And Audi 01E gearbox, I have seen a complete package for sale from...
  10. C

    Looking to order chassis this summer

    Technically I'm not a newbie having posted here about two years ago, but since then I've sold my 2nd Cobra, started building a third, got divorced and had two kids !! I'm hopeful that this summer I can place an order for a GT40 chassis. Just need to decide which. On my list I have Tornado...
  11. L

    RCR GT40 Build Table Dimensions and Hello

    Hello Everyone I will be receiving my RCR GT40 MK2 in a few weeks. I noticed in the manual a rolling build table for the chassis. Does anyone know the dimensions of that table or a platform you may have built/bought? It looks like 3ft x 6ft. Scrolling through the manual I didn't...
  12. I

    Need some Info about SLC Superlite coupe

    Hi everyone, i'm new to SLC world and need some information about it's chassis, i need some dimentions (a cad model would be great) if not, i need the overall lenght and width of the Chassis itself and the cockpit sizes as mentioned in pictures. Thank you.
  13. Silver66fb

    Interesting Ignition Finding

    When installing the ignition in my SPF40, we decided to run the coil wire from the starboard mounted coil upward, and into a small, rectangular chassis channel toward the middle of the car. This is the channel that runs across the car, just under the rear window. We saw other wiring running...
  14. gt40rick

    Original pattern monocoque chassis and accurate body for 43K usd

    I don't know why the Bot didn't find this gem... 7 hours left... Ebay Original pattern monocoque chassis and accurate body for 43K usd. If I had seen this a couple of years ago I would have bought it! FORD GT40 MONOCOQUE CHASSIS | eBay Attached Thumbnails Hi to all.-s-l1600-jpg
  15. L

    GT40 Chassis starting point

    Hi all, I tried to search to see if this question has every been asked before and could not find it. My question is this; What production car chassis (if any) most approximates the needed specifications of a ford GT or ford GT40 chassis? Specifically, the windshield, leg room, dash...
  16. L

    WTB chassis

    I wanted to reach out to see if anyone has a chassis available? Thank you and I hope everyone’s builds are going along strong.
  17. R

    Identify This Replica If Possible

    Hi. New guy here. My buddy bought a storage unit with a GT40 project car inside. We are trying to figure out who made the chassis. The car has never been on the street. It has a ZF 5-speed, new engine, Flaming River rack and pinion, chrome snake-nest exhaust--(says RS Type), Vintage Air AC...
  18. B

    Auction: J12

    Gooding has J12 up for auction in March at Amelia Island. 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV | Gooding & Company 1967 Ford GT40 Mk IV The Last of 12 GT40 Mk IV Chassis Built Chassis: J12
  19. J

    KVA build instructions

    Does somebody have build instructions for a KVA. Chassis in not the problem, its all the other stuff that needs to fitted to the chassis. I bought a stranded project. A rolling KVA chassis with body & ancileries fully dismantled Need guidelines as I want to do it correct. Body is a MK2 &...
  20. P

    Superformance chassis number

    I'm amazed that there is not a cold typing of the chassis number on the Superformance, is this plate? someone to confirm thank you