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After reading a LOT about the SLC and visiting Fran & RCR in Fraser, MI., I ordered one in late August of 2013. I then spent all of my spare time reading the existing blogs on this website to learn everything I could before the car was delivered. So, basically, I have been lurking for 6+ months now and admiring all of the participant's workmanship, fabrication, and engineering skills that have gone into previous builds. I received my car in March and it's time for me to become a participant.

My background in cars has been mostly with Porsches. I have raced in SCCA in a G Production Triumph Spitfire, and in the Porsche Racing Club in a Spec 911 Class (sold for SLC). I also built a Hi-Tech Motorsports 427 Cobra (also sold for SLC) and am currently splitting my time between a 200HP Outlaw 1961 Porsche (fully restored)and this new car. From what I have learned on the SLC forum, I know that to build this myself would be to stretch my abilities beyond what I am capable of. So, I have enlisted some help from some fellow racers.

My intent is to build primarily a streetcar. This is a list of what I've ordered:

LS376-525HP GM Crate Motor, including LS7 exhaust manifolds and collectors, Dailey dry sump oil system
Graziano Transmission
Factory Body Fitment
Factory Body Prep
Street Tail
Low Mount Mirrors
Two Piece Side Windows
Interior Panels
Front Lift Kit
Adjustable Foot Pedals
Inner Fender Panel Kit
Splitter Tunnels for Street Splitter
Fender Vents
Nitto Invo Tires
New Style Gentleman's Seats
Tow Hook
Flip Intake Manifold
Accessory Drive, Clutch, Starter, Flywheel

Because my research indicated that the fiberglass body parts distort if not properly supported while stored, my first step is to build some solid frameworks for them. This allows me to set the body parts aside and, as time allows, pull them out for body prepping. Once the body is off and safely placed aside, I will begin the work on the chassis. Because I am waiting for the back-ordered transmission, we have to decided to begin this project by creating a layout of all of the parts that go under the front clip. Once we are happy with our layout, we will begin placement. I will post some pictures as I progress. I look forward to your input.
<quote in-part>I ordered one in late August of 2013.

I received my car in March and it's time for me to become a participant.
<end quote in-part>

Looks like 16 week delivery is out the window and 7 months delivery is the new norm:huh:

Best of luck with your build Bill!

Thank you all for the welcome.

Mesa, I hope to meet you and other Bay Area builders as this process proceeds.

Bill, the tow hook I ordered was the billet bolt on version.
Geez...lots of SLC's out there! Very cool...and congrats!

No doubt, I looking into getting a Prius as a more exclusive ride around here.

(Seen on my commute the other day, a Prius license plate "YAWWWN", at least he had a sense of humor)

Howard Jones

I'm in San Ramon. Where are you?

Come by anytime. PM or email for ph# and address. Bob, maybe we need a NORCAL SLC barbeque. How may is that close by.......5????
Thought I might see one of you NorCal SLC folks at Laguna last weekend.

Lots of Lambos, Ferraris, etc.

No SLC's. :cry:

I did notice that my little FR-S is a rarer sight than an Aventador or Gallardo!
That makes five up north now. Tom as far as I know -there are no running street SLCs in Norcal and only one that I know of in the entire state. So if you saw one there it would have been THE rarest of California cars. What was going on at Laguna last weekend anyway? I was at Sears Point (yes I said that right) watching my club put on a Pro Superbike race, right proud was I.
Laguna was the TUSC (ALMS/GARRA merged series).

Fun weekend, I really didn't like Grand Am when the two were competing series, but now that the DP's look a lot nicer it helps!

Support races were Lambo Super Trofeo (Gallardos), and Conti Tires Challenge (2-1/2 hr race, huge field!).

I've been going to that weekend when it was ALMS since 1999.
Re: Body Frameworks

I would like to first clarify a statement from my April 26th post. I spoke of how the back ordered transmission had made us begin the chassis work in the front clip. The reason for waiting for the transmission is because we are undecided as to how the exhaust system will be routed (rear or side exit). I feel that this has to be configured, fabricated, and placed first and then the rest of the components can be worked around it.

My progress to date is that I have built the three frameworks that are to support the different sections of the body. My plan was to store these well supported sections and pull them out for body prep when I encountered down time on the chassis work.

Work has begun to rubber isolate the radiator and condenser. We have done this a bit differently than I have seen on other builds and I will post pictures once we have something to show. We ran into a big hurdle in that my friend who has bee working with me on this, broke his arm and a rib while dirt biking about 2 weeks ago. This will delay my progress on the chassis, but has allowed me a lot of time for body prep. The following pictures are to give an idea of the frameworks that were built.

Sorry about the pictures. I have tried every way I can figure and cannot get the pictures up. I will try another time when my anger subsides (lol)
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Our new facility will be located in San Leandro. It would be great to meet all the fellow nor Cal SL-C owners.

I really like the SC-C in blue. That should be a great looking car! Congrats on starting your build.