New Road Racing Specials Book

For anyone out there whose racing interests extend to road race specials built here in the States, Vintage Motorsport magazine has just published a new book on the subject. It is actually a compilation of a ten-part series the magazine did back in 1992. If you are interested in cars like the Scarabs, Bocars, Echidnas, the home-builts that Ken Miles did in his pre-Cobra days, etc., you will enjoy this book. I have seven of the ten back issues of VM and have been hunting for the other three for years. IMHO this is about the most complete chronicle of these cars that you'll find.

The book is not cheap at $49.95 + s & h but for that you get about 250 pages plus many, many photos, some of them extremely rare shots of cars that haven't been around for five decades. I believe Dean Batchelor did the text.

The book is available only through VM. They supposedly will have it available for order on their website sometime today (, but you can order it by phone now (1-800-626-9937 if you're within the calling range of their 800 number).