No money, no garage of my own, BUT big dreams, and persistent personality!

Hello all,

Been trawling for some time here and have already learnt so much from this forum. For that I thank you.:thumbsup:

I recently plucked up the courage to sneak my 18 month old son to the Roaring Forties factory in Melbourne, Australia - luckily, (or unluckily, depending on whether you're me or my wife!) they are very close to where I live... As I walked in the door, I was so struck by the place that when the lovely reception lady asked if she could help me, I stumbled with "Hi, I have absolutely no money, and no garage in which to build one of these beautiful cars...but I have a LOT of interest in your product..!"

Anyway, I've kinda had the burn for the beauty of GT40's for some time and to be honest I have absolutely no idea how I'm going to get the opportunity to indulge in this passion. BUT I have said that before, and am extremely lucky to have a couple of toys, I never thought would be possible in the I'm focussing hard and trying tolearn as much as I can in e mean time.:thumbsup:

Although, my current fun list is nowhere near the calibre of your fine vehicles, I remain very satisfied and Deperately hope to find a way to add to them rather than trade..(is my wife reading this??!!)

LOVE cars - 2004 Lotus Elise Type 25, and 1977 Bedford van - (1 x impractical, and 1 x practical but fun!)

Also LOVE motorbikes - 2009 Buell XB12Ss, 1982 Honda Monkey Bike (registered!) and 1951 Vespa (1 x Beautiful bike, 1 x comedy value bike, 1 x vintage beauty)

But the fact remains, that I am very keen to learn more and somehow, SOMEHOW, find a way to build myself a GT40 replica, one day...

Other interests are Kendo and cocktails....have a couple of litle cocktail bars he in Melbourne and do kendo is kinda like a second job but a sensational one. I have the world's most beautiful wife (& no, she's not reading this,), a stepson who also loves the GT40, and an 18 month old boy who was literally sporting a dropped jaw when he saw the cars at Roaring Forties!!! All the family pieces are in place, just got to find some coin!:drunk:

Anyway, I may not post often on here, as I am merely learning as much as I can, but I felt the need to introduce myself and play by the rules, because already this site has proven invaluable to my little obsession.

For what it's worth, you gents really do run and participate in a great forum of mutually respectful and supportive people which inspires me even more to find a way.

Thank you

Brett Smith
Brett, Welcome mate. I can read your passion in your introduction. Truth be told I was where you are and the pull of ownership got the better of me and I dove right in. "If there's a will there's a way" as they say. Keep you eye on the prize. I have a yellow and black GT40 sitting in my garage now and while its been a bit of a roller coaster I can't wait for cooler temps so I can hit the roads again. Good Luck and enjoy the forum.
That's just what I need Jimmy, thank you.
It's a long term goal, but a goal is a goal.

Congrats to you.

If you don't have dreams and set goals, why get out of bed in the morning? Good luck to you. Focus Grasshopper, you'll get there.