Hello all...I've built/restored several cars in the past. While looking for a new project about a year ago, I stumbled across the Superlite SLC and instantly knew it was "the one". So I have been planning my build and going to take the plunge real soon. I want to do a street car with a few track days here and there. In the engine department, I plan to do something a little different- I have a really built 1G DSM (Mitsubishi) 2.3L four that puts out 637 bhp@8500 rpm on the dyno. I'm going to use a G50 and my goal is to come in right at 2000 lbs. Great forum and there seems to be alot of very helpful and knowledgeable people here. Thanks!
Hey Bruce...glad you found us ...

I hope you enjoyed your trip to see Mahlons cars....

You will have fun with that little tiddler engine...:thumbsup:

I like them myself and its the reason the Apex car is speced to use them too.
You may have an advantage by using the higher revving 4 banger with the G50 in that you won't have to change the gearing. Stock gearing will be livable with a higher rpm motor.