NOS Pirelli CN36's

Hello Gents, bit of a weird one here.

In going through a very large inventory of car stuff there's an extensive inventory of NOS tires (about 100 or so). Mostly Pirelli along with a mix of Michelin, Avon, etc.

There's 5 NOS (never mounted) Pirelli CN36's which are all 175/70/13. They have some funky date codes on them. three are 264, one is 070 and one is 302.

Now I've seen some old tires, but are these really from 1964, 1970 and 2002? They all look and feel like new-ish tires - no cracking or any sign of aging.

I'm puzzled here. Did they even use DOT date codes back in 1964?

Not sure what to do with these things. I have five NOS Campagnolo "spider" wheels all date coded 1970. Was thinking I would mount the tires on them....just for show purposes for vintage Fiat 600/850/1100 in the collection.

Thank you in advance for any help with these odd ducks.


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I believe four digit date codes began in 1999. If you have three digit date codes, they are 2 for week and 1 for year. So 264 could 1994, 1984, etc. In any case, good for static display only. I believe DOT date codes begin around 1971.