NZ GT40 Register - numbers so far

As some of you may know, I have been collecting information on all GT40's in NZ. I began this in March 2020. It's actually been very rewarding making contact with the owners. There's such a wealth of scratch-built talent here in NZ. Here is the breakdown so far

Total cars = 25
Consists of 21 x MkI's, 3 x MKII's, 1 x MKIV

Manufacturer Breakdown
DRB x 3
Tornado x 1
Roaring 40's x 1
GT40NZ x 1
ERA x 1
Classic Car Developments x 1
Gelscoe Motorsport x 1
Scratch-built x 3
RCR x 1
Berry/Almac x 1
Superformance x 3 ( also found 2 x Cobras, 1 x Daytona Coupe but not counted in register )
Unknown Make/Unconfirmed Make x 8

If anyone in NZ knows of a complete GT40 car, or project, please make contact and I'll see if I already have it registered. I normally ask for Make, Motor/Trans combo, and a photo if possible.