OEM Ford GT40 Floor Mats

I have a real deal nice pair of GT40 floor mats that I would like to find a home for...PM me please if interested. They are sort of a burnt orange in color...no part numbers that I can find. They have the Ford logo and a side view of a GT40 molded into the mat.
Those were Ford mats from 1968 and up. Not uncommon, they were available to fit most any Ford EXCEPT a GT40! Most were sold for full size Fords and Torinos. They have a MK IV moulded into the mat surface.

Dave Wood

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FYI, those are rear mats for a full size Ford.
I have a pair of black ones and that's what I thought they were. They came as part of a Boss 302 a decade or more ago, it was pretty obvious that they were too short for a front set so I figured they must have been just the back part of a set. Never researched them, but didn't think Ford made mats specifically for the GT40( because of volume as well as intent), now I know what I use as a dust covers :).