Original orange GT40 in Manitoba Canada.

Ken Roberts

So that'll make 0 in Orange from the factory. :cool:

Kidding, that is a pretty car.
I find it funny now that he made no mention of it being a MkV. He even went on to say that the original owner was the fella who invented the magnetic strips as used on credit cards. I'm sure it's still a great investment.
Hi I found the thread with more googling :)
Hi I was doing some random googling of GT40 orange and came across this site and I am sure I came a cross a thread where photos of the car in Manitoba were at the top of the thread and someone else had commented with images that he'd taken from a race in 1971. Specifically the green, orange and red GT40s - green first, orange second, red third. At that point in time my father owned and raced the car and I am trying to track down the gentleman that posted those images. If anyone knows, I'd be very grateful. Thanks in advance. (the gentleman now lives in States or Canada)
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