Over tighten Halibrand spinners

This is Sarto Rocheleau, I now have a revised website that deals with over tighten or seized spinners. Some sockets fit deeper on the tool and makes contact with the tool's radius at the base of the hex shaft and if the spinner takes a higher torque to remove it. You might need to be tap the socket to release it off the tool. I will mail a felt washer to address earlier kit at no cost. I just need you to ask for the felt washer. The new tools are 1/4" taller as a solution.
The new website gives a solution and fix. knockoffspinnertool.com. Leave a message if you have any questions on any tools received with the deeper sockets. It has all of my contact information there.
Sarto Rocheleau


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Could you send ,e the felt washer. I had this happen when I used your tool and had tap the socket off.