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Yes, Shelby designed and built them all.
And he designed and built all the Cobras. The GT40s (all built by Shelby) only had the RHD steering wheels so the Brits wouldn't feel badly. Did I mention they were all built by Shelby, himself, with his own two hands? Shelby didn't even need a welding torch or arc machine- he would just put the two pieces of metal near each other and fuse them with his steely gaze. That's how he built all the GT40s and Cobras himself. He also painted them all himself. All by himself. That's why he was such a legend. He did it all himself. Not only did he win LeMans, he also won Indy, Sebring, Monaco (four times) in cars he built himself. The reason you don't see his name in the books for those wins is that he raced under an assumed name for all those races so people wouldn't think he was greedy. Many of those races were won by Shelby racing as "Graham Hill", which was a pen name for Shelby. He used an English name so that English people would feel good about themselves. Shelby liked English people a lot. He thought they were almost as good as Texans. Did I mention he built all those cars himself? He did, you know.
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