Pegasus Auto Racing

For those you still in the build process that need require hardware and other ancillaries, give Pegasus Auto Racing supplies a try. I've just received my second shipment of harware from them and I am very saitsified. They are courteous, materials have always been in stock and they don't gouge on shipping and handling.

These guys are not always the least expensive store on the block, but they really do provide great service and reasonable shipping. Have only had one backorder with them and that was a situation in which the maker discontinued the part. Hard to fault them for that.
I, too, have had success with Pegasus. They seem to have a lot of hard to find stuff. I like their selection of molded radiator hoses and aluminum splices. Just the ticket for hooking up the radiator.

Bill D

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen
Pegasus gets my vote of confidence also. Mike is spot on in his characterization of them. Their catalog has some nice hints and tips also. I haven't found anything "off" with these guys. I use them as the standard by which I judge race part vendors.

I had good service from Pegasus alos. Good people to work with and very fast service.
Would recommend to others.