Phantom Slip errrrr Phantom Grip I mean....

Ron Earp

Anyone have any hard data on these? I don't much trust it, thinking it'll ruin something inside by applying pressure on something is that not supposed to be loaded, but I'm not sure. I'm interested because:

I need some type of LSD for my JH racer and there is nothing available. No clutch pack types, no Quaiffe, etc. and all I have now is a welded rear. I'd like to not have a welded rear. But, I don't have much faith in the Phantom slip either. I've heard mixed reports all over the place from it works, it work sometimes, it works with low hp, it works for awhile then breaks something, to it is just plain a POS and does not work at all.

I knew that Neil was installing on and I just saw someone was sending a unit off to have one installed. Anyone have any good solid race related info? Working on the street when you lay some tread every now and again is one thing, but working for 3 hours racing is another.


Was looking around and saw this add for a JH. This guy put a chevy 350 and a 8.8 out of a mustang in the car. Baybe you could swap out the rear for a 8.8 which has many diffs available.

For Sale 1973 Jensen Healey Convertible with V8 conversion, Chevy 350 V8 engine from a 1974 Camaro Z28, approximately 7,000 miles on engine since rebuild, 2.02 Hi-Pro Heads, Schneider 280 duration cam, Edelbrock Performer Manifold, Edelbrock 600 cfm 4-barrel Carburetor, Saginaw 4-Speed Manual Transmission, Custom Hydraulic Clutch, Ford 8.8 rear end from a 1980 Mustang 5.0, Real Burlwood Dash, Lecarra Mahogany Steering Wheel, Tripod Headlights, 14" Alloy rims. Comes with hard top, needs a new soft top. Decent paint, body, and interior. It's loud, fast and fun to drive. $6,800 OBO. Call Todd 858-713-3399 Mon-Fri, 858-673-7237 weekends. For additional photos email me at [email protected] (San Diego, CA) (6/28/05)

Here is the link to the site: Jensen Healey Preservation Society

Ron Earp

Wish I could, but it'd be illegal under SCCA IT rules. Believe me - I would have already put a 7.5" Ford rear in there (can hardly tell them apart from the Vauxhall part) but it would get caught eventually. Once you are a cheater in SCCA then you have the label for life it appears.



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I'm trying to hunt down a local Z-car road racer that I spoke with before installing mine. He really banged on this thing with good results. Work and travel have unfortunately cut into my schedule. Road impressions are favorable but I agree, track time is necessary to make a proper eval. I'll keep you posted.