Porsche 996 AWD conversion to RWD

Hi guys,

An opportunity came up where a 996 AWD gearbox is for sale for a decent price. However this is a AWD gearbox. My question is if it is easy to convert this one to RWD without major rebuild? I have not seen it yet live and taken any measurements. I am afrait it might also be too long??

I would be very thankful for input and advice.



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Yep you can indeed convert this gearbox to 2wd operation. It is one of the stronger gearboxes out there. It may be a tight fit for the GT40, but it would certainly be worth the effort.

PM me if you would like more information, as we have done quite a few of these conversions in the past.

Happy to help,

Erik Johnson
Hi Erik,

Thanks for your support available. I also found out here locally that it is not big thing to convert it to RWD. However the whole gearbox has to be dismantled to modify the lubrication. We will see which path I will take concerning changing gearbox - Porsche vs. Audi.