possibly the sickest engine/tran package for an SLC ??

Okay, guys: you asked for it.

Ford Will Now Sell You Its 7.3-Liter 'Godzilla' V-8 as a Crate Engine


^ about 540 lbs apparently. Makes sense, it's got similar architecture to the LS engines, but with an iron block. Alum LS weighs about 450.


Hmmm...reading the promotional material, it is a truck engine. That makes sense; only 430 BHP from 7.3 liters. No thanks- my Cummins 5.9L diesel is a better truck engine. As a car engine, it is big, heavy, and rather anemic. My aluminum block Donovan weighs 390 lbs complete and puts out around 620 BHP. I fail to see where its market niche lies.
Before I did that, I would put the big pig RV chassis Triton V10.

Before I did that, I would put a ford 4.9 L6 with a turbo.

I could wear you guys out with better engine options than that pig.

But there is a guy on Clubcobra who is squeezing one in a Cobra, but with some mods to up the HP.
I imagine a cam change and long tube headers would have this motor well over 600 HP. The real upside will happen when these start hitting the salvage yards in 4-5 years so people can build a beefy motor for less than $10K.
@GT40Fan or anyone else who might know, are they Predator builds using the graziano?
do you know if they are on the forum? I wanted to check with them on the ECU/trans etc....
if they arent on the forum can you give them my contact info and ask them to contact me?