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Hi all -

Recently I have forwarded instructions to help a few other forum members post pictures and it was suggested I post them here for others, so if it helps you - great.

It's a bit 'long winded' so if you already post pics - please ignore.

To xxxxxxxxxx -

Re the picture posting - there are two methods:

1) copy pictures to a website that you have access to and then use the 'IMAGE' function from within Ron's post software which will prompt you for the Web location (URL) of the image on the web.

2) attach an image to the end of your posting within Ron's software.

Option 1 - is complicated, requires access to your own webspace, or a hosting companies space (often at cost) but would allow multiple pictures within one post. This is the method I initially used when I posted pictures but it means all those images have to be uploaded to my webspace and remain there forever. If the pictures are removed from the space, then they will no longer be available to the GT40s forum which would be inconvenient to someone referring to an older posting.

Option 2 - This is fairly simple - does not require your own webspace and since the pictures are transferred to Ron's forum space, they should always be available, providing Ron keeps the forum going.

Therefore I'll explain option 2 only.

create a subdirectory within your 'my documents' folder called 'webpics' - to do this, use windows explorer to open 'my documents' and then select from the top menus - FILE, NEW, FOLDER and click LH Button. This creates an empty folder called 'New Folder' which will be initially highlighted in Blue, which is basically asking you to rename it. So, at this point, enter the name 'Webpics'. This new location is where you will transfer/copy pictures that have been correctly formatted to be displayed on the FORUM. REMEMBER - file sizes MUST be kept below 100KByte and so I reccommend a maximum image size of 640x480 and format to be '.jpg'. The reason for this folder is you will always be able to find the file when posting and as the file is transferred to this folder before posting, you will also know that it is of the correct format/size etc etc....
Now open the picture you want to post, in suitable editing/viewing software and crop/resize it until you get the image you desire, whilst ensuring it remains below 100KByte in size. When saving as a .jpg file you can normally set the 'quality / compression' to less than 100% (I normally use 75%) and this keeps the files in the 40-70KB size range. Again, once you have the desired image, save it to your recently created 'Webpics' folder, using a simple name (i.e. relatively short) that describes its content. e.g WEDHUB1.jpg or RBATTEngine.jpg - whatever you choose, carefull naming will make easier reference later.
Once saved in the 'webpics' folder, you can check its size by using windows explorer again to display the contents of the folder. Whilst displayed, if you select from the top menus VIEW and then ensure 'DETAILS' is highlighted, you will be presented with a list of all the files within that folder, together with additional details such as file size, when created etc etc (note - clicking on the headings of this display - Name, Date, Type etc - will sort the list in asccending or descending order depending on heading selected - very usefull to check 'most recent files' by clicking on date to move them to the top of the list).

Now for the posting itself - Start a posting in the usual manner, enter your desired txt and possibly refer to 'image below'
Now you need to point to the picture, so click the box that says 'I want to review my posting or add a file' and click contimue.
You will now have your posting displayed in a format similar to the Forum display (but with no picture at this point) so you can check your posting txt / spelling etc etc. - If not happy with it, amendments can be made in lower box on screen - If you are happy with it, note the box below the upper display which prompts you for the filename to attach.
click on the box marked browse next to this box and navigate your way to the desired image. (now you know why I suggest creating the 'webpics' folder within 'my documents', because it is easily remembered and should make it a lot easier to find the required image. ALSO - you will know that any image in there is already formatted correctly for display on the FORUM)
Once you have the path to the file on your PC in this box, you can select the CONTINUE box to complete the posting.
sit back, have a beer and bask in your glory of mastering posting a picture on Hope this helps -

************* END *************
Thanks Paul, very useful for those of us with 3 thumbs on each hand and the technical skills that baulk at operating a toaster!
Seriously though, makes it really simple, the method I had used in the past was very complicated and was often met with failure, or burnt toast.
Come to think of it, why are toasters made with a range of settings, 95% of which guarantee total cremation of any object within 3 feet?
Just wanna try your method Paul ! I fell it will work ...
Tx ! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif


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I've just used your crib notes to post my first post and photo to the forum.
Thank you very much for taking the time and trouble to put the method down in writing.
Without it I wouldn't have managed to do it.

Thanks again

Hi Paul
I am Mac orientated will option two work?
1) when I get access to a scanner
2) when I take the .jpeg from the filename???

Alistair welcome, very good website

Regards Allan

Ron Earp

Paul, much thanks for putting that together. I can't do that sort of post for everyone that asks me this type of question but this is a good resource.

Thanks for all help guys! Be patient and we new guys will lern....but it takes some time..

No worries - one last thought though - when I say check size is below 100K, it needs to be below about 97K because the 100,000 bytes limit is actually just over 97K.

Ron may change this limit at some point but picture size for displaying on normal (average) screen should be kept sensible in size otherwise the screen format will look a bit odd.

Hope that made sense.....

Ron Earp

The limit is actually larger now, 150k. Seems that still keeps the pictures below the browser window size on most machines. I just haven't bothered to let folks know but it should say the limit when you are on that screen.

I just gotta ask....That "trophy" you are holding in your

avatar photo. What did you do to be awarded such a special

honor? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/tongue.gif


Ron Earp

Bill, that is the mighty Wand of Orcus! It is what I use to impose my will and might around the house and neighborhood. At least until the Minister of Domestic Affairs takes it away from me. Very useful, you should have one.

Bryan Koehler

What can i do to get the orientation of my photos right? Is there a rotate function every time i post a photo its side ways. Ive been using a galaxy note 8


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Randy V

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Bryan —
Not sure what’s happening there. Have you tried rotating the picture on your Galaxy 1/4 turn to the right and then uploading?
I will attach a pic taken with my Galaxy S7 below....
Wait a sec... As I attached my image, I see the ability to ROTATE the picture. See my second pic below and the red circle...


Bryan Koehler

Welded up the middle section. A while back. Got real busy remodeling house. Hopefully will be able to get back to this project. I bought a everlast tig butt havent even had a chance to plug it in and try it ou


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