Prestige Motorsports

Chet Zerlin

After the frustratingly horrible experience I had with Craft Performance Engines (now out of business) - and following advice on this forum, I ordered the engine for my RCR40 from Prestige Motorsports. I guess the correct phrase is I ordered another engine for my RCR40....

My experience with Prestige could not have been be more different. Great communication from the first phone call to Doug and continuing right up until the finished engine arrived at my door. Very reasonable in pricing and very knowledgeable in advising me all along the way. Pictures sent to me as my engine was built. A video of my engine on the dyno. Arranging shipping to make sure the crate arrived at my door on a date certain and finishing AND delivering the engine to me well within the timeframe promised when I ordered it.

I just wish I had done business with them in the first place!


My sentiments exactly. I’ve stated in a previous post that I thought they were the best company I’ve dealt with in regard to the completion of my SPF Mark I. After unsuccessfully trying to communicate with Roush, I turned to Prestige. Communication was both fast and easy, they actually answer the phone. Their estimate was the most complete one I’ve received on my project. Every single part of the build was listed, along with a price for each. Status updates were emailed every week or two, along with pictures or a video. And, believe it or not, the completion date was exactly as projected.

No, it’s not true that the only reason I went with Prestige was the free T-shirt.


I have just received my prestige engine. Very easy company to work with. Diid anyone put this in a RCR GT40? Where did you buy the pulley kit?

Dave Hood

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About five years ago, Dennis Olthoff had his engine builder rebuild my engine. It didn't make it back to my home, 40 miles from Dennis' shop. For the next three years I struggled with various issues with the engine. Two years ago I had Prestige build a new engine for me. Like the other folks here, I had an amazing experience with them. Great communication, quality product and super nice people. Since I live in the Charlotte area I'm now using them for ongoing maintenance on my car.

Just my opinion, but if anyone needs a performance engine, Prestige Motorsports is the place to go. In addition to the free t-shirt, they also offer a two year warranty on their engines.

Rod Dittmar

Klaf, contact CVF Racing. They can help you with your pulley requirements. If you have AC you may have to fabricate an AC mount or use the one that RCR can supply.