Prestolite Performance Summer Rebate Program NOW - August 31

Lynn Larsen

Lynn Larsen

The Prestolite Performance SUPER SUMMER REBATE program is in effect NOW through August 31st, 2008. Rebates of up to $100.00 are available on a wide variety of ACCEL, Hays, Lakewood, Mallory and Mr. Gasket products.

For example, purchase any complete Mallory ignition system (distributor, HyFire ignition box, coil and spark plug wire set) and receive a $100.00 rebate check. Purchase a distributor only and receive a $25.00 rebate, or buy either a wire set or coil and receive a $10.00 rebate. Similar rebates are offered for all of the Prestolite Performance brands, which include ACCEL, Hays, Lakewood, Mallory and Mr. Gasket.

In addition to the rebate, a Max-Fueler – THE VORTEX GENERATOR THAT MAXIMIZES FUEL MILEAGE will be included FREE with every rebate check– a $15.95 value! So now you’ll be saving money and maximizing your fuel mileage. What a deal!

For complete Rebate information and to download the rebate instructions and form, visit

For complete product information or to find your local Prestolite Performance dealer, visit Mr. Gasket - Everything Performance

Hurry, the Super Summer Rebate program ends August 31st, 2008!