Ron Earp

Greetings All,

I know that some of you are having problems getting signed up for the forum. I'm working on some of them, but I don't know when ir if they will be fixed.

For new users just setting up - YOU MUST SELECT YOUR PASSWORD!!!!!! There is a box for you to type the password into, twice, and it will be set to what you specify. The automatic password generator is not working, so if you are sitting around waiting for a password it isn't going to happen right now. I hope it will soon, but for now I'll try and help you.

For those experiencing "Not a valid host" errors when trying to post - I don't know what to tell you. Some people have solved it by changing firewall settings, IE version, and security settings under IE. Please esperiment with all of these, if you find something that works please post it in the problems forum. I'm sorry I can't help much here but I cannot see what you see.

I'll contact UBB support on that and see what help I can get.


Peter Delaney

GT40s Supporter
Hi Guys,

For a solution to the "Not A Valid Host" problem if you are running Norton/Symantec Personal Firewall or Internet Security Professional, see the info in the "Forum Questions, Help & Suggestions" topic.

If you can read this, it works !!!

Kind Regards,

Peter D. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
Hmmm.sounds like a cookie problem no?

If you were coming to this site & logging in without any problems before the changes, then I doubt the error has to do with any security settings in your browser preferences.
What it sounds like is....that you still have your old cookie from before the site change. To make sure you recieve a new cookie, hold down the ctrl key & click your refresh button(do not try login for this). What this does is re-request the page IN FULL & not just the bits that have changed recently (which is what a nrml refresh does). If that doesnt work, your last resort is to locate the directory where your browser stores it's cookies & find the gt40' cookie & delete it manually.
Make sure you are not @ this site when trying this.
So..the next time you come back to the site you will be presented with a new cookie(hopefully).

This is of course only effective IF the problem is indeed cookie related.
Either will not damage anything & you will only end up with a new cookie. not familiar with the issues surrounding this change that has taken place, so I am just guessing at the moment as to what the fault "real" may be.
If someone in the know would like to fill me in, then I would be happy to put my brain to work on a solution for you.