GT40 JW AUTOMOTIVE 1130 mexico

Hi hope you are doing well, I own this car in mexico, It’s a jw automotive engineering chassis 1130, I want to sell the car but I don’t know much info about it, I was wishing for some one to help me to know what car do I have and how much would be worth.

luis Argüelles
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Brian Kissel

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Welcome to GT40S Luis. I know you are “asking for information “, but you must be a forum supporter to advertise on this forum. A very small price to pay for your exposure to a very limited amount of buyers. You must have some idea of what the car is or you yourself wouldn’t have bought it. Please support the forum.
Regards Brian


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As for pricing I have no idea, you need to search the Web.
I only found old information:

Not sold

Rob Klein

Just a little info for you.
Looks to be a Safir GT40 with a JW plate. To my knowledge JW did make I think thee cars with left over NOS parts and original chassis, but those numbers ended at GT P 1088 I think.

Still a great car