QBE62G Not available for the foreseeable

For those of you currently looking at buying a new Quaife gearbox or specifying your chassis with the gearbox type, I saw a comment in another post saying that the Quaife gearbox has been temporarily removed from sale. I have contacted Quaife asking how long this is likely to be and they have responded with the following;

Thank you very much for your enquiry;
Yes, this is correct.
For the foreseeable future, this gearbox will not be available to order.
It is undergoing development, for which there is no pre-determined date for completion; it will take as long as it takes to get it right.
If you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me


Here's the reply I got from Quaife about one week ago:

Thank you very much for your enquiry;
QBE62G gearboxes are not currently available to order.
They are in development.
We have no confirmed completion date for this development, so cannot tell you when they will be available again, or at what price.
If you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Mortified GT
Its under furter development, hopefully to make them stronger and last longer.
I havent found a transaxle within the same pricerange + to handle my 520bhp/ 650ft/lbs torque yet, so hopefully they will come up with something good.



From what I've heard there are no changes being developed. They had some quality control issues and then Covid hit. While some of us need 1 of these, they don't sell many of these compared to their other transmissions, so this is low on their priority list. Can anybody else confirm this to be true?

Fran Hall RCR

I just got off the phone with Quaife, as we have had transaxles on order with them for a long time with little to no feedback !!

"call back in 12 months for an update and we will be able to update you with more information then about its possible return."


Here's what I heard from a contact in the UK today:

I have a few minutes ago spoken to Quaife, but they are going to be re designing the ZFQ before producing any more, they had some problems with the earlier versions and have decided to redesign but its not their priority at present.
What can we do to make it a higher priority? :)
Yesterdays answer to more or less the same question i asked originally;

"Unfortunately, the 62G is currently under development and we do not have a lead time for this at all, we have no idea on a possible time frame either I’m afraid.
The only thing you can do is keep an eye out on our social media sites for any updates and that will be where we post all updates".

So to try and press for further info i asked the following and am waiting to see if i get a response however i believe there will be nothing more coming back;

"Thank you for your quick reply, You have nothing at all, Months? A year?, 18 months? More? I understand this is a low volume item so priority is possibly the issue but you have no plan on when this is to be done by?