Race Car Replicas ...affected RF customers

Fran Hall RCR

GT40s Sponsor
Race Car Replicas along with Chris Melia, Rick Chattel of Thruxton Sports Cars and Ron Earp have been working hard to find solutions to RF customers dilemma for the past month.

After Chris,Ron and myself had a meeting at RCR's facility we came up with a range of proposals.

One of which was RCR's commitment to help as many RF customers as possible.

The European contingent have been offered a solution involving the substitution of their RF with an RCR model and some individuals have taken advantage of my offer and will be receiving RCR kits very soon.

Rick will be handling the distribution and Chris will be available for tech advice and support for Europe.

I made the same offer to Hershal Byrd to take to his affected customers.
As I have had very limited response from the US group I am unaware whether the RF dealer actually took RCR's proposal to all involved.

Any affected RF customer that would like to know more about this proposal should contact
Me, Fran Hall ([email protected])USA
Ron Earp ([email protected])USA
Chris Melia ([email protected])
Rick Chattel([email protected])Europe....