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Fran Hall RCR

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Race Car Replicas along with Chris Melia, Rick Chattel of Thruxton Sports Cars and Ron Earp have been working hard to find solutions to RF customers dilemma for the past month.

After Chris,Ron and myself had a meeting at RCR's facility we came up with a range of proposals.

One of which was RCR's commitment to help as many RF customers as possible.

The European contingent have been offered a solution involving the substitution of their RF with an RCR model and some individuals have taken advantage of my offer and will be receiving RCR kits very soon.

Rick will be handling the distribution and Chris will be available for tech advice and support for Europe.

I made the same offer to Hershal Byrd to take to his affected customers.
As I have had very limited response from the US group I am unaware whether the RF dealer actually took RCR's proposal to all involved.

Any affected RF customer that would like to know more about this proposal should contact
Me, Fran Hall ([email protected])USA
Ron Earp ([email protected])USA
Chris Melia ([email protected])
Rick Chattel([email protected])Europe....
Hi Guys

just to confirm the statement from Fran (RCR) in the above post. I decided to try and help all concerned in the RF disaster, the affected RF customers needed some positive proposals bringing to the table.
Fran, Hershal, Ron and I, had a very good meeting at the RCR factory and between us we came up with a very positive offer from Fran that could effectively really help out a lot of the RF customers.

I can confirm that Rick Chatell has contacted all the UK customers with Fran's offer and I am pleased to say that some of them have accepted and placed order's for RCR GT40's.

Whilst I was at RCR, I met Al H (one of the US, RF customers) and was very pleased when Al also placed an order, since then I understand Jonathan Strain from the US has also took up Fran's offer.

Fran has raised the bar in the GT40 replica market and has launched his RCR deluxe plus kit
I have been given the guided tour and can confirm what others have said before that Fran runs a well thought out production facility, making an excellent well engineered product.

The turn round time of 16 weeks from time of order is I believe unbeatable and I thank Fran for coming to the assistance of the RF customers.

I am still involved in negotiations that are confidential and on going at this time, trying to help out were I can. I look forward to seeing RCR cars here in the UK.

On behalf of the 2 ex RF dealers I know that neither of them was aware of the dire situation that RF was in and both were acting in good faith. I have co-ordinated my efforts through Rick Chatell and Hershal.
I feel very sorry for Hershal as he personally has lost a large amount of money and has not received any payment in return for his efforts.

The RCR deal is confidential to those RF customers that have lost their deposits and has a deadline of the last day of April 2006.

I hope that a little realism will be acknowledged and understand that at the end of the day we are all just enthusiasts that want to see this great car (the GT40) go from strength to strength. I will continue to work behind the scenes and post more news when there is something solid to say.


Chris Melia.

Ron Earp

As one who is again going down the road of finding a car - does the Deluxe Kit have a flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate?

Fran Hall RCR

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the deluxe kits do not offer those items as the HP output of the engine will dictate the clamping presure required aand as such is a variable that must be undertaken by the kit purchaser.

John B

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I was recently made aware that you have the Option to switch from Audi O1E to the Zf if you decide to do so. Would this require additional fabrication? Or is it simply a shift Linkage change. This would be a great selling factor if it true.
Yes, the mounts are different requiring some mods to the frame and a different rear crossmember. I will take some pictures of my setup and post them.

Fran Hall RCR

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Bill is both right and wrong,the difference as mentioned by Bill D is a bolt in rear upper crossmember so no fab work there and a different shift system and headers obviously.....due to the differing heights of the transaxle cases
The only other fab work required is to open a small relief in the engine bay wall to allow clearance for the starter pocket. This opening gets a billet plate that is mounted from the underside and replaces any lost integrity due to the new opening.
Oliver (and others who may be interested)-

My car was the first to have the mod to use the ZF transaxle. The pictures below show the cutout in the frame where the starter goes, and the different rear cross member required. The two upper bolts mount to the tabs on top of the ZF.



Bill D

John B

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So the approx. cost would be between 2-3,000.00 depending on the header quility?

Looks nice billy...The car that is! The picture of you??????????.