Race-Keeper Video systems ??

Anyone using one? or have experience with them?

Any good?

I'm looking to install a multi-camera system shortly to a Porsche GT3 which has a Bosch ECU can-linked to a Motec SDL3 dash.

If anyone has anything good or otherwise to say about the system I'd be interested to know before the deal is done.

Looking at their website there is little in the way of support or dealers in the UK...


Ron Earp

I don't know much about those. I just ordered a GoPro HD since it interfaces with my Traqmate. But GoPro doesn't do multi-camera and I know folks are keen on those these days. I would be too if the Traqmate supported it with the data integration but it does not.

Bill Musarra

If you look at some of the rear view camera sites you will come across some recorders which will work with multiple cameras. Can't remember how many right off the top of my head, but I seem to recall up to 4. Almost bought one about a year ago and never pulled the trigger.Will look it up tonight or in the morning.

Thanks for the feedback thus far.

We're looking to integrate the data from ECU for sensors such as Throttle Position, steering input, RPM, gear, speed, brake line pressures etc and the Race-Keeper system picks these from the Can-Bus and can display them in sync with the video recorded. Very handy for driver tuition.

Bill Musarra

I looked at the web site and the cameras/lenses look pretty good. The price though, is a little steep. Cosidering the hookuups that are available I guess it would be worth it. I assume this is for professional work and could be justified for that. The systems I was talking about are off the shelf stuff. I have seen some of the footage from these cameras and there are several on the forum with these cameras. Good for track days and not that expensive(under $500) Some have secondd cameras that can be added. The difficult part is getting the right lens for what you want to see/show. The wider angle ones are fish eye types. There are 90º cameras out there. they are just hard to find. Ones like this one,
come with a fairly low field of view. Good for front projection. Any of the add on cameras will have a larger FOV. For more choices there are these to consider. They come with a DVR and can use multiple cameras. Just depends on how much work you want in producing the output.
Truck, RV, and car dash camera video recording - black box security drive cameras for saftey and rear view
Here are some more(8) to think about that use mutiple cameras.
Car Blackbox, Rear View Camera/Monitor/DVR Systems | Huvitech Co., Ltd
I guess it all comes down to what you want and what you are willing to pay.These were found with a simle search of "rear view camera black box".
Maybe some of the cameras users will chime in. Hope this gives you some information that you can use.

Thanks guys -

Lots to think about and really, the OBD solution might do what we want but was hoping to hook to can bus really.

Love the video below of the C6 Vette at VIR having been there myself and holy hell - it sure pulls on the straight - 161mph on lap 3....:thumbsup: