Randy's RCR40 MKI

Randy Folsom

Very nice. Are you using a rod shift linkage or cables? Your car is LHD?
My car is left hand drive (center shifter). Fran knows that I am using a Quaife, so hopefully whatever comes with the kit will work. Do you have a preference? I thought about getting a RHD with the right hand shifter, but I spent many years in South Wales and Japan so I am afraid that my muscle memory would have me driving down the wrong side of the road in a RHD car.
Funny story here.

My first time in Jamaica, the wifey and I were in the second row of some arbitrary japanese RHD (I didn't realize at the time) minivan.

The driver (I thought) asked if we wanted some beer for the ride, leaving Montego Bay airport. We said sure, gave him a $20 and he hopped out of the left front seat and started to run away. Then the van started creeping and rolling, making a left turn into what I thought was oncoming traffic. I leaped over the seat and shoved the shifter into park as I realized the driver was in the right seat and was making a perfectly legal and safe left on red.

We all had a good laugh and he told me relax and enjoy. I was in good hands.