RCR 40 Dash Fitment

Just curious if anyone has had to trim the bottom of the dash where it contacts the sponsons on the RCR 40 to achieve the level the dash should be at with the doors. I might be right where I need to be without trimming but it's hard to tell from other's photos. Most of the photos I'm able to locate, both of the doors are open. Please let me know if it looks right or if I need to do some cutting...

dash to door passenger side.jpg

dash to door driver side.jpg
dash to door passenger side.jpg
dash to door driver side.jpg

Could you snap a couple of photos for me with your doors closed so I can compare? Does the height of my dash in relation to the doors look correct to you?

Chris Kouba

Looks a little high. Check your fitment with the spider in place and see how it sits with the base of the windscreen.

Can't post pics from my phone but will shortly.
Chris, thank you as always for your help. I think I might be a little high but it's definitely close to where it needs to be. I'll wait a while before I do any trimming.
Hi Sean, from the photos looks like the dash is sitting a bit too far forward (close to the windshield). Once you straighten the vertical portion of the dash it will look like the photo from Chis. You can expect some trimming here and there as the build progresses. On the RCR 40 pictured here I cut the bottom portion of the dash off much like the original race version GT40 Mk1. The cut off sections were then carpeted to bring back a road car trim level. Still have a little trimming to achieve the desired effect...