RCR 40 wreck for sale

Howard Jones

Na...……..they opened the front clip so that the drivers door could be opened. The rear clip had been pushed forward preventing the doors from being opened. They broke the passenger door opening it also. The big thing is if the gearbox is damaged but it looks OK from the pictures.

The real beauty of the RCR tubs is the foot box strength. No way to bend it and not break the windscreen. I can see he hit a pole or tree going backwards. The repair cost is estimated at 150K. No way it would cost that much. Take it apart, order bodywork from RCR and cut off the bent tubing at the rear. Weld new tubing on and put it back together. If I had the time and extra money I would bid on this one and fix it.
good point John! after experiencing a crash with my daily driver I looked at resale for a new model and the carfax came back with the value of repair. the dealer wanted to remove that value from the offer...I told them to stuff it!
I would be worried about this as well down the road.

Larry L.

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...Would it have a salvage title?
If so, how would that impact a potential future sale?

Unless maybe someone wanted to use it as a track car ONLY. But even then, anything remotely close to top dollar would be waaaaay out of the question.

Randy V

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Not that I have an evidence either way - but - has anyone ever seen a CarFax or any other history report on a Replica?

Chris Kouba

Looking at this pic:

I agree with Lee that the tub looks bent. The seam should be straight along the entirety of the sill. It does not look straight in front of the RT rear wheel.

If I had the bandwidth to deal with this, I'd want to check out the pick up points for the radius rods and see what they look like.
Is anyone in the Flint area that can inspect or lay eyes on it for me? I have all the body parts to fix it (have had them for over 15yrs!) and this might be the perfect situation to make my GT-40 dream become a reality. Feel free to PM me if you can help see what shape the frame may be in. Also I see that in MI one may have to have a special license to buy salvage cars...anyone know how that works for someone out of state?
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Chris the area in front of the rear tire is an overhang that the pontoon bolts too the overhang is at least an inch wide. I have four of Frans chassis and like Howard says they are tough and would be hard to Bend. The front structure as well as the back structure that the clam shells bolt to is aluminum [some early ones may have been square tubing] it bolts too the tub front and back, my bet is that it absorbed the impact without it transferring into the tub. The only way to tell for sure would be a close look, I think this could be a great car for someone but not without that close look. I think most of us on here would agree these things can sometimes be a challenge to work on but this good be a good deal.......m
Mahlon, thanks for the input and help. From the best I can tell from the pic it does look like square tubing myself which could mean an easier fix on the structure. I’m hoping to talk with someone at the yard to get a better pic of the area and see if they can tell me more about it and the details on buying from out of state. Still would be great to have someone knowledgeable on GT-40s that could maybe take a look too.
Looks like it sold on Tuesday. Too rich for my budget at this time (not sure exactly what it sold for) but the pre-auction bidding went higher than I expected. Anyone here get it?

Chris Kouba

Must have an interesting reserve on it. It's back for a do-over with a starting bid of $25 and 5 days left.

I'm going to go in on it for the $25. Please don't anyone out-bid me.