RCR 917 builders, can you help me with something?

Hello! I am currently evaluating feasibility for a project involving an RCR 917, and to check overall fitment, I am trying to mock up the RCR 917 chassis in 3D. I was able to extract what looks like a very accurate model of the body and chassis from the Assetto Corsa racing simulator, and have been trying to modify the rear tubular structure to more closely match the changes in the RCR 917 chassis design.

Here is what I have done thus far for the rear, based on the pictures on RCR's website; this forum, and more specifically this sale ad (gone, found on archive.org but no pictures) with this this this and this picture as guidance (and I didn't put in the corner gusset tubes yet):

What I am looking for is additional pictures of the engine bay compartment with nothing fitted in it. I am specifically interested in what happens in the RCR engine bay closer to the firewall/bulkhead at the bottom of the engine bay, and if the highlighted yellow tube in the second picture below is present and/or follows the same path, or where about it mounts to the bulkhead:

Any photographs, diagrams, or descriptions would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Brian Kissel

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Might try to get a hold of Alex. He has a RCR 917 and might have some pictures from the build.
Seems like there was a French build on here a few years ago also.
Regards Brian
Thank you Brian (and Morten who messaged me)!

I went ahead and tried to model as much as I could of the RCR rear frame based on various pictures I found, along with using my imagination. I am not sure which pictures are of older revisions and which are of newer, but the design has definitely changed a bit over time, so I used my best guess as to what is current. I have yet to model the change to shock mounting; the reinforcements in the shock mounting area; removing the sway bars from the Assetto Corsa model; and modeling the RCR reinforcements to the mid section where the transaxle goes through.

I did my best at guessing how the bulkhead is put together, though I was unable to ascertain if if the bulkhead was perfectly vertical or slanted based on these being the only pictures I've been able to find of the bulkhead:



This was my best guess at how the bulkhead at the firewall is designed, but I am missing a lot of information, so anything you can do to help me fill in the gaps would be appreciated:

I am also totally guessing at what the bottom of the bulkhead looks like or where it is located, but this is my best guess (see orange highlight):

And I could use help with figuring out where these tubes terminate into the bulkhead; this was my best guess, trying to preserve suspension geometry from the AC model (see orange highlight):

Here are some more views of my model that may help fill in any gaps from the previous pictures:

And finally here is a video of me slowly rotating around the model of the rear frame of the car, which can help with visualizing things in a way that still shots can't: