RCR Adjustable Pedals Picture?

I have the optional adjustable pedal setup, but don't see how it goes together and cannot find a picture here or in the build manual.

Can someone post a picture?


I think the design and parts used depend on what pedal assembly you have. Mine came with the Tilton pedals and looks like the attached. In the first picture, the small plate stamped "SLC" is the one used - the other plate is not used (must be for a different pedal assembly?)


Thanks Dave. If I assemble like your picture, the release knob does not pull up enough to clear the lower plate. The allen head is still about 60% below the top plate.

I will dis-assemble tomorrow and see if I can figure out why that is.

Thanks for the pictures!
Hi Frank,

The allen head bolt needs to be pulled up all the way into the shoulder fitting in order to clear the lower plate.

On mine, I found that screwing the shoulder fitting out just a bit would allow the allen head bolt to clear the hole. I did have to grind down the outer diameter of the allen head a bit so that it would slide in and out of the shoulder fitting a little better.

I know some guys prefer to mount their slider with the pin at the top of the pedal assembly, as they find that it interferes with their foot. On mine, I found that my heel is well back from the base of the pedal when sitting in the car, so I left it with the pin at the bottom where it can more easily be reached when mounted in the car.

However, I have size 13 feet. YMMV. :)
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That was the problem on mine, the Allen head would not clear so the logical way to assemble did not work.

After seeing the pics, I chucked the bolt up in the lathe and removed just a bit. Life is good now. For those w/o a lathe, a Dremel or grinder will do fine.