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Randy Folsom

I plan to mount the provided compressor in the car. It’s not too big and the location is only limited by the length of the hose. I am thinking both can be mounted within the passenger foot box hanging down from the top panel. It could also fit nicely in the spare tire recess and would look like a fire suppression system at first glance.

Randy Folsom

I assembled the front right suspension such that the caster is 5^ and the camber is 0.9^ as measured using the front of the tub as reference with the lower control arm 90^ (parallel to the tub floor). The upper control arm is as far aft and the lower control arm is as far forward as the safety washers will allow. The lower control arm Heim’s threads extend out 1-1/16” (9/16” inserted) and the uppers extend out 9/16” (1-1/16” inserted). The upper ball joint is threaded in all the way into the upper control arm.

I added 1/4” of washers behind the upper shock pivot. According to QA1, anything less than a 15^ change has nominal effect.

With the 110mm cup all the way up to the jam nut, no spacers, and at full droop, there is 1/16” clearance between the edge of the cup and the tub wall. The clearance to the upper ball joint nut is 1/8”. The clearance increases as the suspension rises. I might use a hammer to create a bit more tub clearance m, but only if there is evidence of impact.

Despite the cup consuming 20mm of shock rod, there is no loss of travel. With the control arms lifted to the point where the upper ball joint is at it’s angular limit, there is still a little more than 1/4” gap between the top of the cup and the bottom of the jam nut.

Others’ mileage my vary :)

My plan is to shave the bottom off of the existing spring cap so that the cup is not touching the jam nut and is supported by the cap. The spring caps are $20 each on Summit (PN QA1-9018-101) so if it doesn’t work, replacements are not too expensive.

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I think you have a typo on your caster and camber. They look to be reversed..

Randy Folsom

I modified the QA1 spring cap so I can use it as a spacer and to distribute the load on the top of the cup. Trimmed about 3/16”. Need to leave at least 1/8” of the part that goes down into the spring so that the cup doesn’t touch the jam nut.

Sorry, not a great photo. Basically I screwed the cap to the end of a piece of oak with the help of a large fender washer and supported the cap with a scrap of Baltic Birch. The Oak was a tight fit in the cap’s pocket so it didn’t move around. Note that the notch is touching the Baltic Birch so the cap doesn’t spin.

I tried sanding and grinding. The cap is way too tough. It was going to take forever.