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Ron - Thanks!

Fran, which one is mine /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif

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You are going to give multiple car discounts right? I'll start with a T70, then a P3, and then either the GT40 or a 917!

Since I just sold my Cobra, it's time to start looking for a new toy. I live close to Fran's shop and thought it might be a good time to stop by and get the lowdown on his products. Just inside the front door is a monocogue chassis. The 1/4" thick aluminum was very well supported with braces and backing plates, which Fran admitted to being a bit over kill, but was built for durability and safety. Not a bad combination wether intended for street use or track. I was impressed with the stiffness of his lightweight monocoque chassis', not to mention the great welding job. Fran has engineered his basic chassis to be used with all of his cars with some minor changes to the upper tub for the different bodies. The billet suspension pieces are another great piece of engineering that are used on all of the chassis', except the 917 which will use a totally different chassis(tube) and suspension. Looking at all of the billet pieces and brackets he manufactured, you can tell this a quality package. When Fran asked me to sit inside one of the chassis', I happily obliged. Once inside, the footbox portion was very spacious with plenty of room for someone much taller than my 5'10" frame. There would be no problem for someone 6'5" to sit comfortably. Another great feature is the fact that the footpedals and steering column are straight in front of you and not kicked to side. There was a down side to all this though. There wasn't a finished car for me to drool over. When he has one completely done I will be back again.
hey guys, just found this forum.
great stuff Fran. must say my cheeks did ache after the last time we yarned. as always, a pleasure to talk to you. now when do you want me to come over to start work on a T70 Spider.catch ya later. steve

I'm hoping to return to Fran's shop this week to see the progress on the Lola. If I do, I will take some photos and post them here.






Does the lettering on the deck of the T70 say "Lola RCR," or am I imagining it?

Nice touch, if so--