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To Randy's point, vehicles could be made out of whatever it is aviation "black boxes" are made from and still no one would survive crashes such as those above. The 'eternal dirt nap' would be an absolute 'given'.
So, what do you suppose IS gained by the endless parade of these tests...besides job security for those running them?
Or might that just be their real purpose?

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Ideally, a vehicle structure should collapse gradually with increasing force so that its occupants suffer as few "G"s as possible. The collapse should store the crash energy, which is what it does by plastic deformation. I've known people who have survived high speed crashes- one walked away from a 200 mph crash and another who lived through a 432 mph crash but suffered brain trauma. These drivers were in strongly-built race cars with racing harness restraints and wearing SFI helmets. Ordinary drivers would never be so well protected on the street and there is a limit to what can be done to protect a street vehicle occupant above only a moderate speed. These tests do not produce anything of engineering value but they do provide videos for the "speed kills!!!" zealots. Similarly, there would be no value in taking videos of an airplane diving nose down into the ground.


Neil, those survivors didn't hit a brick wall. Tell us the truth, how many tax dollars went into this useless test?
You're right, they didn't hit a brick wall. In fact, they didn't "hit" anything. At VERY high speed, all it takes is for a car to get just a little out of shape and things go to hell in an instant, sailing up into the air, coming back down tumbling and rolling, shedding energy until it stops. Fortunately there was no fire in either case. It may be hard to grasp but it is possible to get killed without getting a mark on your body- just from the incredible "G" forces in a very high speed crash.

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Might have more luck talking to someone from Switzerland.
From info I gleaned from Youtube it was uploaded from Spain. Maybe I made a wrong turn whilst headed down the rabbit hoke?